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Cybersecurity Challenges & Best Practices for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Cybersecurity Challenges & Best Practices for Small to Medium Sized Businesses Introduction In the era of digital advancement, we must take necessary steps to protect sensitive data. Since the inception of the Internet, we have come a long way. These days, the Internet has become an essential tool in any successful business, large and small. [...]

Website Design & SEO for Accounting Firm

Website Create For An Accountant In Mesa Arizona Websites for accountants are fun. Typically accountants under invest into their web presence. Many accounts we meet are so constantly accustomed to being under the gun for deadlines that they rarely give time and attention to business building activities that could help them multiply [...]

Website Design & SEO for Carpenter

Website Design For A Contractor In Arizona Selling Products Nationally This website is one of my favorite websites period I actually helped start this company many years ago when I was working for a framing contractor in Cave Creek period I built the original website and did some very DIY SEO on [...]

Website Design & SEO for Business Building

Website Built For Danny Delaria, A Marketing Company In AZ This website was built for Danny Delaria, a business consultant serving the Phoenix area. Danny needed a vehicle to Showcase his expertise in business coaching and marketing assistants for small and medium-sized businesses. Being as our Core Business is marketing for [...]

Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design Trends for 2017 Being a designer, it’s mandatory that you should always be up to date of any new designs. In the past year many designers have tried to move away from any designs that are simple and have less composition. It’s also very important they watch the trend of others and follow [...]

Website Design & SEO for Credit Repair Lawyers

Web Design And Marketing For An Arizona Law Firm Creating a website for a credit repair lawyer is slightly different than creating a website for any other one. That is because the Target demographic is slightly different than a traditional law firm with serve. Credit lawyers seek to help people who [...]

Changes In Search: Fads vs. Long Term Trends

Changes In Search: Fads vs. Long Term Trends In a fast-paced world dominated by constantly changing consumer demands, it can be difficult for business owners to distinguish between marketing fads and long-term trends. When it comes to search engine marketing and SEO, implementing a "bad" strategy can lead to damaging results, and with new Google [...]

Modern Web Design Best Practices According To Google

Modern Web Design Best Practices According To Google Google has put extensive research into the best ways to graphic design websites, so that they are easy for visitors to use, and easy for search engines to understand. By rewarding good website with search rankings, Google helps promote a better internet for us all to use [...]

Account Management

Account Management In our role as Mesa SEO managers, we find planning for our accounts is an important task. Since there is an unlimited amount of work to be done, a smart manager needs to be able to set targets in the short and long term, and make sure those targets are the best use [...]

Website Design & SEO For AZ Realtor David Meek

Arizona Report is a website designed for a real estate agent in Arizona. The Agent, David Meek, is a very active blogger and internet marketer, and needed a platform that could support those ambitions, while still serving as a real estate company website, with integrated IDX search. WordPress is a natural fit for [...]

Website Design & SEO For Mattress Store

Arizona Mattress Overstock need it a migration from their old platform to a new WordPress website. We begin with a consultation with the client to determine their design taste and target demographic. It is important for us to identify who the client is and what they are looking for so that we can [...]

Website Design & SEO For Title Loans Company

This title loan company is located in Las Vegas Nevada. We designed a website that would allow their clients to come and get their questions answered regarding the title loan procedure and costs. The website was designed too heavily and courage conversion. To that end multiple calls to action were placed throughout the [...]

Website Design & SEO For Stone Paving Company

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the [...]

Website Design & SEO For Transportation Company

ATG Transport is a fairly major trucking company, nationally, and they have hundreds of trucks running routes across the country. They did not have a web presence, and needed assistance building a website which looked good, represented their brand and could potentially be used to market their company. We began with identifying many [...]

Website Design & SEO For Scorpion Control Services

This website was designed for scorpion control and sealing company in Tempe Arizona. They had been building their site with another designer, but when communication deteriorated, they sought out a local web design and SEO company they could trust to transition them from their old but successful site to a new site that [...]

Website Design & SEO For Dentist Dr. Ceyhan

Dr Greg Ceyhan is an dentist in Glendale AZ, in the Arrowhead area. We have worked with Dr Ceyhan for some time, and we discovered something interesting about his prior website. It turned out the company he was with had a template they gave to many different dentists, and this was causing significant [...]

Website Design & SEO For Pawn Shop

This website was done for a pawn shop with multiple locations throughout the valley. We needed a website that worked well on mobile and desktop and would help guide clients to their many stores. I knew that the site needed to help engender trust without making the client book overpriced. His clientele was [...]

Web Design & SEO For Arizona Business Network

The Superstition Business Network is a networking group for business located in the east valley near the superstition springs area. This group needed a website to showcase their organizations members, and to create a space where new members could apply to join. We set the site up using WordPress, and as usual we [...]

Website Design & SEO For Phoenix Health Insurance

Phoenix Health Insurance is one of the biggest individual and group health agencies in Phoenix Arizona. They represent thousands of families in their pursuit and acquisition of healthcare coverage, and in these turbulent times for the healthcare markets, they needed a way to disseminate the latest developments to their potential clients. This website [...]

Website Design & SEO For Arizona Law Firm

My AZ Lawyers is an Arizona Law Firm that needed to rank for legal services such as DUI, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Custody, and more. This type of site had 2 objectives for marketing. On the one hand, we needed to convey a professional and organized appearance to the clients. On the other hand, [...]

Website Design & SEO For Law Firm

A bankruptcy and personal injury law firm in Mesa Arizona comma Marco Wimmer started working with my favorite web designs in 2016 to redesign their current site and improve their search engine visibility. We created a new fully custom site from scratch with custom graphics done in Photoshop. We incorporated many of the [...]

Website Design & SEO For Storage Beds

This is the website for Storagebeds.com .  Lift and Stor beds is one of our oldest customer. Located in East Mesa, Arizona, Lift and Stor Beds is focused on shipping storage beds nationwide. For us, their local Mesa Arizona website design and Mesa search engine optimization company, that meant we needed ecommerce set [...]

Website Design & SEO For California Labor Law Firm

This law firm really needed a website update. They had a ton of junk content that was dragging down their site quality, all their most important pages hidden in a dropdown, and almost no trust builders. We worked with them to design a split level navigation, with corporate links small up top and [...]

Website Design & SEO For Custom Painting Company

JT custom painting is a painting company in Mesa Arizona that specializes in residential and commercial painting. This company was started by one man going door-to-door and has grown to where it now has many trucks and employees working for it. We were contacted to do web design for this company with the [...]

Website Design & SEO For Garage Epoxy Flooring Contractor

This website was done for a local Arizona flooring contractor. Floortec, the client, is moving into doing epoxy coatings for concrete floors and needed a website to showcase their services. We have done this type of work before, to very good effect, and we were happy to help Floortec flesh out their brand [...]

Website Design & SEO For Law Firm In Tempe

The law firm of Denton Peterson Services small and medium-sized businesses with all their business law means. Because their clientele ranges from small businesses - somewhat sizable corporations we needed to design a site that exemplified our clients professionalism without making them appear unapproachable. This client also serves many different areas of law [...]

Website Design & SEO For Gilbert Dog Sitter

This website was built for a small local Gilbert Arizona business. We very much enjoyed being able to work on a site related to dog walking, the visuals and be creative were very fun and light-hearted. In our job as marketers we often have to deal with content ranging from things like bankruptcy [...]

Website Design & SEO For Dan Carroll’s Political Campaign

Neighbors For Dan Carroll was a political website for a local election. My Favorite Web Designs is a natural fit for anyone looking to promote a political candidate. We have the experience with digital media needed to kick start your online presence. It is not enough to just build a site - you [...]

Website Design & SEO For Arizona Roofing Company

This particular roofing company has a very strong brand identity, and they were very involved with the web design in Phoenix process throughout. We knew that in order to make something truly great, it would be an iteration. Iteration is a concept in design and development. The theory is that you must build [...]

Web Design & SEO For Epoxy Garage Flooring Company

This is a really cool business located in Gilbert Arizona. Owned by a veteran names Ric Ramirez, Barefoot does really cool work on garages and floors throughout the valley. I first met with Ric at our home office to give him info on the costs and timeframes for a redesign. At that meeting, [...]

Website Design & SEO For Arizona Moving Company

A moving company in Gilbert Arizona needed help with their website. They were migrating from a 1 and 1 site builder site to a full featured self hosted WordPress website. We were also contracted to assist with the marketing. We began with a design that really made the site stand out, emphasizing their [...]

Website Design & SEO For Ignition Interlocks

This website was designed for an ignition interlock company in Arizona. Ignition interlock companies are responsible for installing devices into vehicles that test for blood alcohol above the legal limit. The website that we designed for this client needed to be focused on getting his customers to fill out a form and print [...]

Website Design & SEO For Botox Services

One of my favorite features for this website is the online booking form. It allows clients to set their availability and encourages visitors to the website to select the date and time in which they might receive their services. For a medical spa such as this it makes a lot of sense to [...]

The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword)

The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword) The Quest for the Best (Long-tail Keyword) Here are some facts on why long-tail keywords work and how to best go about finding them. Phoenix, AZ In the world of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), long-tail Keywords are all the rage and for good reason. If you manage to land [...]

Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan

Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan Why Blog As Part of Your Marketing Plan? While many business owners understand how important a website is to their business, far fewer understand the value of a well maintained blog to their digital Mesa web marketing success. Phoenix, AZ It was shown in studies [...]

SEO Tips For Landing Pages That You Can Actually Use

SEO For Landing Pages That You Can Actually Use Landing page advice is endless and varied. Much of it centers on a horrifyingly boring topic matter like "consider the user interaction flow and how it funnels" or "ask you how your audience might view this". Not that any of that is not valid, it is [...]

How a CRM Can Help Your Social Media Strategy

How a CRM Can Help Your Social Media Strategy Social media has become an outstanding force for driving business activity in recent years - but managing social media for a company is no simple task. A social CRM can help turn your prospects into potential sales and clients while limiting the time you spend hunting [...]

8 Most Common Mistakes Companies Make When Doing Their Own SEO

8 Most Common Mistakes Companies Make When Doing Their Own SEO As a professional website design and search engine optimization company, we often work with clients to do SEO. A Mesa Arizona SEO company has many components with which it must work, and a key part of the program is content creation. While we do [...]

Website designed for an artist In Surprise, Arizona

Website designed for an artist In Surprise, Arizona by My Favorite Web Designs This website is designed for an artist located in surprise, Arizona. She needed a website that had content management functionality so that she would be able to update her gallery as she completed new works of art. Being an older lady it [...]

Phoenix Business Web Design And SEO

Phoenix Business Website Design And SEO Project This website was designed and coded by hand by Joshua Jacoby, the owner of My Favorite Web Designs, a specialist in websites developed for mobile friendliness and user experience. Created for the owner of a small business in Phoenix Arizona this website is lightweight and efficient, using [...]

WordPress web design with e-commerce by woocommerce for Gilbert Arizona business

A WordPress Website Designed And Developed With Woocommerce E-commerce Platform For a Gilbert Business Doing website design for companies that have e-commerce integrated into their website requires more consideration than simply designing a portfolio type site for a small business or promotional site for a new company that is forming. When designing for [...]

Some Of Our Best New SEO Techniques From 2015

Some Of Our Best New SEO Techniques From 2015 This is been a very interesting year for search engine optimization companies in Arizona. Many different changes in the way that Google's algorithm ranks websites have continued to force the technology of optimizing for that algorithm to evolve. Google has continued to focus [...]

Amy Koch Website Design Project

Website Design Project for Amy Koch Presenting our latest AZ website design by My Favorite Web Designs, created for Realtor Amy Koch in Arizona. This website uses the flexmls idx plugin, and integrates plugin capabilities with customized and dynamic iframes for populating community and city pages with the appropriate listings. The site was designed with [...]

Google Helpouts Really Helpout

**********Update On This Post 10/10/15*********** So, Google has shut down helpouts. Never mind that it was an incredible place to exchange information, promoting cross cultural communication, learning and engagement. Or the fact that they only had it open about 1 year before announcing the shutdown. What a waste. I am actually a member of the [...]

Good Bye WP E-commerce, Hello WooCommerce

Good Bye WP E-commerce, Hello Woocommerce! So, let me preface this article by saying that I have been amongst the most ardent of the WP E-commerce devotees. I was rooting for the team at Get Shopped when they had issues going into WP E-commerce versions 3, 3.3, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8 and beyond. [...]

Questions And Answers From A Newbie DIY WPer

You answered this question on 02/25/14 Rating:   Knowledgeability Clarity of Response Politeness Nomination? 10 10 10 No Comment:   I asked many questions and Joshua answered each one thoroughly and promptly. Questioner: Al Category: Wordpress Private: No Subject: Wordpress Questions For A DIY HTMLer. Question: QUESTION: I'm planning to use wp to create a [...]

Chandler Search Engine Optimization By My Favorite Web Designs

Chandler Search Engine Optimization By My Favorite Web Designs Chandler is an incredibly fast growing city located near Phoenix Arizona. When I first started my business in 2009, many of the companies and homes that are now in South Chandler were just beginning to look in that direction. And there are plenty [...]

Website Designed For Sapphire Pools AZ

Designing and Crafting A Site For A Craftsman Ted Miller is not your ordinary pool builder. He has been doing high end custom reflecting pools and negative edge pools for over a decade, and some of his work adorns the highest end home in Arizona. Likewise, he needed a website designer that could put together [...]

Arizona Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs

AZ Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs Photography Is Important To Website Design Website design can be done very, very well, and the marketing people can be the most creative in the world, but they need good imagery to make a truly beautiful website. While stock photos do provide fodder for much [...]

My Favorite Web Designs Approach To Design and Development

My Favorite Web Designs Approach To Design and Development Video Transcript "Hello, this is Josh with 'My Favorite Web Designs' of Mesa, Arizona. And I wanted to talk to you today about our design process. One of the questions that we frequently get asked is, what is the process for a new website or a [...]

Hummingbird Ups The Search Ante

SEO Tips For The Hummingbird Algorithm Update So, Thursday September 26th, Google has revealed the fact that a new algorithm has been running for a month. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24292897 For people not in the industry, you may wonder why there had not been more guessing or supposition from the SEO community. As one of the Mesa search [...]

The Bornmann Law Group Project

The Bornmann Law Group Web Design Project The Bornmann Law Group WordPress website was designed by My Favorite Web Designs using HTML CSS and PHP to create a custom theme for this law group's internet presence. Custom wordpress themes are terrific for developing small business web sites because they are easily managed by the employees [...]

Hess Flying School

Hess Flying School Website Project This website was done for Mark Hess, a flight instructor in Mesa Arizona. Mark opened a business focused on teaching aspiring pilots, due to his own successes with flying and his love of the topic. He knew he would need a website to help promote his business, so Mark turned [...]

Cadiente Plumbing

Cadiente Plumbing Website Project Service industry professionals need websites that are able to accommodate their new projects and showcase their new offerings. Wordpress is an ideal medium to design such a site, as it has terrific SEO properties and lends itself extremely well to a search optimization program designed by My Favorite Web Designs. The [...]

Adrianna’s Cleaning Service

Adrianna's Cleaning Service This Mesa cleaning business needed a website that showcased their commitment to their service and inspired confidence in their customers. It needed to have a feminine design, and be well suited for galleries, so that it could be configured to display pictures from the many AZ clients they service. Internet marketing was [...]

Josh Jacoby Discusses SEO Services in Phoenix

Josh Jacoby Discusses SEO Services in Phoenix Locations that we service Today we look on video at the differences in services offered by My Favorite Web Designs, such as the packages for SEO and how we deliver that service specifically. My Favorite Web Designs provides web design and search engine optimization services [...]

New Types of Social Media Accounts

New Types of Social Media Accounts Update 2015, October So, some of the new social media did not really go anywhere, which is a liability when working with social media. After all, it is not like MySpace and Google have not been failing at attempts for years. At present writing, it looks like [...]

Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video

Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video Video is an Effective Marketing Strategy Adding a YouTube video to your site is a highly effective marketing strategy for search engine optimization because search engines love video content. Keywords in your video will rank higher on major search engines and video is often listed [...]

Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business There are now over a billion Facebook accounts. Does that mean that your business should be on Facebook? I think so. I recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest and I have accounts there (and elsewhere) for myself personally and for my business. I don’t use Social Media [...]

Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO

Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO Video Transcription   Joshua Jacoby, Web Design and SEO: "One of the biggest advantages to My Favorite Web Designs is that we do our own web design and development. I, in fact, am the Phoenix web designer and graphic designer for My Favorite Web [...]

Why Is WordPress So Awesome?

Why Is Wordpress So Awesome? Video Transcription Joshua Jacoby, Wordpress Web Designer: My Favorite Web Designs is a Mesa Arizona Web Design and Mesa Search Engine Optimization company. We specialize in WordPress because it's the most awesome platform there is. If there was a better platform, we would specialize in that. But there's [...]

Cyber Coverage, It’s A Whole New World

Cyber Coverage, It’s A Whole New World There was a time, in fact not quite that long ago, most business was conducted with a storefront, a telephone with several 800 lines to take orders and if you wanted to expand to another market, you opened another storefront and started the whole process [...]

3 Types Of WordPress Plugins That Can Hurt Your SEO

3 Types Of WordPress Plugins That Can Harm Your Search Engine Rankings WordPress plugins can be the best thing you ever add to a blog, or they can completely destroy your blog or website. Here we are some of the common mistakes that are made in configuring plugins: Plugins That Control robots.txt [...]

Why Does Hosting Need To Be Optimized For WordPress?

Neil asks: Why Should Hosting Be Optimized For Wordpress Websites? Hey Neil, Wordpress.com does not do standard hosting: http://vip.wordpress.com/our-services/#hosting they are very expensive. You should also never use their free service, as those things are deleted regularly. Self hosted wordpress sites are usually hosted on one of the big shared hosting companies [...]

5 Very Actionable Tips For SEO You Don’t Hear A Lot But Really Should

5 Very Actionable Tips For SEO You Don't Hear A Lot But Really Should 1. NOT YO MAMA's SITEMAPS Make sure, in addition to submitting a sitemap, you also submit a video sitemap, post sitemap, pages sitemap, sitemapindex, images sitemap, and a gzip formatted sitemap. If you use Wordpress this is easy, if you [...]

How To Perform SEO For A Roofing Contractor

Search Engine Optimization For Roofers As a local SEO company in Chandler, we have many small business contracting outfits, and with microbursts and monsoons, Arizona is a popular place for the roofing trade. One of the lessons we have learned in doing optimization in the era of SEO penalties such penguin and panda, [...]

WordPress 3.4.2 Upgrade to 3.5!

URGENT UPDATE!!! ATTENTION WORDPRESS 3.5 USERS AND POTENTIAL USERS - WP 3.5 Does not break the redirection plugin! Did you see this??? Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in Evidently, redirection must be using it, it seems to have affected that plugin, so if your site is dependent on that, verify this when upgrading. There [...]

Malibu Pool Service and Repair

Wordpress Website Design For Malibu Pool Service And Supply Company This website was built in the same manner as many of my sites, with a few unique design tweaks. As My Favorite Web Designs was also hired to do search engine optimization for this site, I was able to incorporate my keyword choices into my [...]

Should I Have More Than One Facebook For My Company? NO!

More Than One Facebook Per Company? The Advantages Of Consistent Branding With Social Media It may be most advantageous to do one facebook for the following reason: Lets say someone get 5000 fans. Lets say those 5000 people each has 100 friends, so now your reach is to half a million people on [...]

The EMD Penalty And What My SEO Company Learned

The Exact Match Domain Penalty - The EMD Penalty On Septemper 28th, 2012, Google rolled out a new penalty. The stated target of the penalty was exact match domains, particularly lower quality websites created for the purpose of targeting specific keywords. Google's contention is that these sites represent unnatural search results, and that they are [...]

Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

Website Designed For Gunderson, Denton & Peterson of Mesa, Arizona Gunderson, Denton & Peterson is a law firm in Mesa, Arizona handling legal issues such as immigration, business, litigation, franchise, estate and many other areas of law. The Firm has 6 lawyers, whom are all featured with bio pages on the website. In addition to [...]

Amack Law

This website was actually one of my favorite web sites to design and build as we were able to use my photography and a beautiful color scheme with grunge touches. I was also able to integrate the contact form into the header. The layout is clean and crisp, drawing attention just where the attention should [...]

Woodland Custom Beam Company

Woodland Custom Beam Company Woodland custom beam company required an AZ website design that allowed them to prominently showcase their product, educate the consumer on what the product was and how it was made, and allow the consumer to purchase a sample of the product at the end. Because it required a purchase of the [...]

Temperature Masters WordPress Website Design

This web design and seo project was performed for a Glendale, Arizona AC contractor by My Favorite Web designs. I designed everything personally including the logo and the slideshow, and built out the website in wordpress. For anyone with any lingering doubts about the effectiveness of the wordpress as an SEO platform, I submit for [...]


Custom Website Designed And Developed On The Wordpress Plaftom For Arizona Roof Rescue This website was designed and developed for Arizona Roof Rescue by My Favorite Web Designs of Mesa, AZ. We created the graphics from scratch in Adobe Photoshop, and then sent the customer the proof for approval, at which point we built it [...]

My Direct AZ

This website was designed by My Favorite Web Designs for a direct tv retailer in Mesa, Arizona this business needed a website that was able to showcase its products and was search engine friendly. The graphical aspect of the job was also quite demanding. the customer required that the graphics be at or near the [...]

Number One On The List

Another Wordpress website by Joshua Jacoby, owner of My Favorite Web Designs. A professional wordpress designer knows the value of an easy content management system, and this Arizona web designer is no exception. Featuring dynamic updating testimonials, smooth slider for the front page, it has elements of Jquery, HTML, PHP and more. If anyone needs [...]


Wordpress E-commerce Website Design Designing Websites For Selling Online With Wordpress The Wordpress E-commerce Client This website design and development was done for a customer in Apache Junction, who also has a location in Seattle, Washington. The customer makes storage beds, hidden beds, wall beds and DIY kits for beds. He previously had an online [...]


A custom Wordpress theme, designed on top of the Thesis Wordpress theme. Custom Wordpress websites, where in the blogging platform is utilized as a CMS, are all the rage due to their almost unfair advantage over other websites in the search engines. Wordpress websites present owners with the unique ability to easily add SEO friendly content, and automate many of the more time consuming parts of optimizing a website for search/


A sports blog utilizing a modified Wordpress theme and graphics by Joshua Jacoby of My Favorite Web Designs. The site was developed for a Scottsdale Arizona web design client. It features a fluid design, slideshow using Jquery, and a store selling t-shirts for the sporting events the site is actively promoting. The writer makes his profit via advertisements on the site, which I implemented for him. The site also has several SEO friendly features active, including syndication.


This custom Wordpress website was built for Ken Risley, owner of the Engineer Designer. Ken uses the very popular Thesis theme for his content management, which is really a nice CMS system. I personally prefer to design and code my own CMS features, but if you are OK with something a little more out of [...]

PJO Insurance Brokerage

Website Designed For Insurance Broker In Scottsdale / Phoenix Designing a website for an insurance agent has many of the same requirements as creating a web presence for any other type of company. Insurance agents to educate their clientele about their products, much the same as a car mechanic might educate a client about their [...]


Bankruptcy Attorney SEO For Fife Cesta Law, PLC Search Engine Otpimization On A Bankruptcy Website In Arizona One of the biggest challenges with legal website is garnering trust from search engines. The legal field, due to the often excessive profits that can be generated per click, has been the target of far more than the [...]

WordPress Website Search Optimization

Wordpress Website Search Optimization While My Favorite Web Designs can do optimization on any kind of website, there are very clear and distinct advantages to doing optimization on a Wordpress platform. Be warned the data presented here is of a more technical nature. I do not expect every client will want to read it, but [...]


A law firm headquartered out of Peoria Arizona, the bankruptcy office also has a location in Mesa. They needed a rush wordpress website design in Arizona, and located My Favorite Web Designs to help. I personally set the site up on a Wordpress theme, since they needed a site that would also be SEO friendly. [...]

The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta

The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta This Mesa Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney contacted My Favorite Web Designs for help with their SEO. One thing I noticed when working with their site was that the WordPress theme was circa 2006, and not compatible with most of today's awesome WordPress plugins. We built a brand new design, [...]


This website started as a Wordpress site design, a free download. The customer had a few needs for modifying and setting up the template, which was no problem for My Favorite Web Designs chief designer and developer, Joshua Jacoby. Josh has modified countless templates, and understands creating a web template that works for CMS. The [...]


This website had an interesting need that required thinking outside the box in order to solve. The website was a standard wordpress build but the client had a very unique request. They had a movie they wanted to play on a loop, but they wanted the first part to play the first time and not [...]


A Wordpress website designed for a local Mesa, Arizona E-tailer, e-marketing hCG diet products. The site features E-commerce, Slideshows, CMS, significant search potential and a kick ass attractive CSS design. Web development, graphic design and build out by web designer Joshua Jacoby of Mesa Arizona. As always, all work is done in house, no outsourcing, ever.


Arizona Wordpress Designer Custom Wordpress Sites Provide SEO Advantages Converting A Website To Wordpress For SEO Benefit As an Arizona WordPress Designer, I often run into situations where a site can be optimized in HTML, but if we are doing an ongoing SEO campaign, the cost benefit of running on a WordPress core increases dramatically. [...]


Buddypress social networking site, running on a wordpress core. Has a custom rating system, user accounts, avatars, profile pages, friends requests, groups, posting from the front end, sort by popular, date, author, etc... Also features a Jquery slider, added by this web designer to enable the site owner to sell ad space. Website Design and Development by Joshua Jacoby of Mesa Arizona, Owner of My Favorite Web Designs.


JA Drafting and Design needed a custom website that could effectively communicate with their customers. John needed a dynamic custom website that could easily be updated to reflect the latest design projects, FAQs, and other data his customers might need. The ideal website would be designed on a Wordpress platform, as a CMS. SEO friendly, designed with an intelligent data architecture, this custom website is perfectly poised to take advantage of our SEO service!

WPEC wordpress e-commerce bug found and fixed

WPEC wordpress e-commerce bug found and fixed So, I needed to import 2300 products to the cart. No surprise, the packaged importer just kept saying setting saved, but never actually imported anything. So, I went and purchased the deluxe product importer from Visser labs, I like them, Good community minded developers. The deluxe importer also [...]

The Importance of Arizona Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Arizona Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Businesses based in Arizona are likely looking towards the internet as the source of their future advertising campaigns. At the core of any such campaign will be a well-crafted website that potential customers will find in the search engine rankings. Bland and dull websites won't [...]

The Top 5 Things A SEO Company Needs An Awesome Website Company To Do

The Top 5 Things A SEO Company Needs An Awesome Website Company To Do In the new world of Arizona search engine optimization, there are many techniques that only a web design professional can take advantage of. Here are the top 5 things most SEO companies do not do, due to the lack of web [...]

Insuring Web Design Businesses With Arizona Professional Liability Insurance

Insuring Web Design Businesses With Arizona Professional Liability Insurance Arizona Professional Liability Insurance Building a web design business from the ground up is indeed an accomplishment. But is it enough to ascertain the success and financial soundness of the enterprise? Without a professional liability insurance plan from an authorized and trustworthy Arizona based insurer, a [...]

How To Do Local SEO In Mesa Arizona

How To Do Local SEO In Mesa Arizona All Mesa SEO rests on the quality of the content. Whatever your site, whomever your target audience, the quality, originality and presentation of your content will determine your visibility. This is not as simple as writing original content, though that is part of it. Much more significant [...]

The Bridge Church

The Bridge Church in Gilbert Arizona This was the Chandler Arizona Baptist Church that needed a website designed to showcase their church and the work that they do in the community. It was a simple WordPress site, with a few special grouches. It used a query slideshow across the main banner as well as a [...]

Americare Hospice

Americare Hospice This is a project done for a local Mesa Arizona business. We love doing projects for local small businesses since we see these website design customers over and over again and out about around town. This hospice needed a website that could convey a comforting message and a confident one to their potential [...]

Energy Roofers

Energy Roofers - A Northern Arizona Roofing Company Energy roofers is a roofing contractor in northern Arizona that does residential and commercial roofing. They needed a website to showcase their work and bring in new clients from the web. Many contractors need a website which they can add new projects and new photographs easily and [...]