Chase Barron – SEO Account Manager

Chase Barron is My Favorite Web Dersign's Newest SEO manager, with a background in the tech world and passion for helping websites do better

I’m Chase Barron, and I am a SEO account manager and services provider for My Favorite Web Designs. I provide our clients with multiple avenues to create the ideal “internet expression,” of their company, and to ultimately improve search engine rankings and online revenue.

I am an Arizona native who enjoys Crossfit and spending time with my dogs. I have worked and volunteered at multiple local small businesses, and in today’s internet-driven world I am happy to be part of a company that allows me to help my community through Search Engine Optimization. There are so many great benefits of SEO for all Arizona companies, including increased Google rankings, maximization of customer traffic, and transformation of the company’s online image.

I enjoy working with a talented group of people who love their jobs and are passionate about improving the “internet impression” of clients. My goals are to continue to grow my knowledge about this field, learn new areas of website design, and provide excellent customer service and an excel product.

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