Laura Jacoby – Billing And Support

Laura And Everly Jacoby, billing and support for the marketing clients of My Favorite Web Designs

Clearly, this is not a picture of Laura Jacoby! Laura is my Camera shy wife, and the mother of my baby girl Everly, seen above. Laura has worked with me in the business since the second year we were operating, end of 2011. Laura’s invaluable contributions to the organization have included implementing many of the current administrative systems, piloting many of the social media advances which constitute our core competency in that area, developing and implementing blogging and landing page protocols, not to mention keeping the entire organizations accounting running smoothly.

Laura currently handles billing, blog posting, writing orders and managing writers, quality checking much of the work going through the company. Her skill in duplicating instruction, executing game plans, designing and laying out content and much more make her my second in terms of technical skills. Laura is able to do many of the website design changes requested by clients as well, and has been key in getting the amount of production that we do.

Going forward, Laura is more excited than ever to build our business, and we all know the way we do that is by creating amazing promotional items for clients, and then getting those pieces in front of the persons who are most in need of those services. From adwords to landing page split testing to guest blog facilitation, Laura is able to take any business to the next level with her website design and SEO skills.

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