Other Related Marketing Services

From video production and web design to SEO services, My Favorite
Web Designs provides a wide range of Arizona web marketing services.

In addition to professional websites designed locally in Arizona on the WordPress platform, we also do Search Engine Optimization for business throughout AZ. The companies we work with often need services related to these products in order to enjoy full success with their web marketing and real world branding and advertising goals, so My Favorite Web Designs offers:

Website Hosting

SEO depends upon your site speed. You can do everything right, but if your site is unreachable half the day, your SEO will not work. For this reason, we run a Virtual Private Server.

Other web marketing and SEO related services provided by My Favorite Web Designs

Running WordPress requires hosting optimized for it, and an admin skilled enough to deal with problems as they arise. I have dealt with everything from brute force and 404 hack attempts, to broken WP plugins conflicting and adding 100,000’s of entries to DB tables and slowing servers. I am able to manage everything from setting up the Google page speed service to enabling backups, caching and security for all sites on my server. I run a quad core 6gb SSD server from liquidweb, and it is very very fast. We are also running a VPS from knownhost, using LightSpeed WebServer to enhance the speed and stability of the websites.

PPC Set Up And Analysis

Man, has PPC grown. Google and Bing are still at the front of the pack, but now we also have pay per impression growing like wildfire on FB and Twitter, with Google + already in limited roll out.

There are also paid video ads for popularizing YouTube videos, Adwords Express and maps offers for local businesses, and much, much more. We are able to research and execute any new advertising options on any web network. Of course, this also includes ad design and copy as needed, and good old fashioned keyword research.

Social Media Management

Managing social media can include everything from website integration to building custom Facebook pages and managing our clients social media connections. Expanding your social network now is vital to the future of your business. Already business and individuals are finding clients for their goods and services on the social web. My Favorite Web Designs creates a professional looking social media presence, and makes it consistent with your branding and current marketing. Viral videos, blog posts, retweets, FB embeds, etc… I could go on forever. And I do! On my social media services page.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is dead. Right? It is illegal? Annoying? Actually, done right it can be none of those things, it can be a great addition to your existing marketing campaigns. We do not recommend mass emailing or any violations of the CAN/SPAM act. We recommend best practice list building through social media connections, keeping records of contacts, reaches, & promotions. We then test the subject lines of the emails for effectiveness against best practices for email subject lines. We also design emails to keep the spam index low, so they are more likely to reach the inboxes they were destined for.

Graphic Design

Graphics are a part of any marketing campaign, whether it be internet based, television, magazine, even audio campaigns have accompanying graphical components.

When selecting a company to handle your marketing, be sure that their graphic work is up to snuff. You can be the best programmer in the world, but with no graphic skills it is unlikely you will ever make a great website.

We handle many types of graphical and WordPress website design, from website layouts and landing page proofs to graphics for tri-folds, t-shirts and business cards.

Video & Video Editing

Almost no one optimizes YouTube channels all the way. We spent a long time researching, and do so on a regular basis. We optimize the entire channel, including channel art and design, channel description and optimization, channel defaults setup, phone verify and enable longer uploads, custom thumbnails, monetization, and more. We shoot videos & make voice over videos with keywords in the audio and meta data on the video for location boost. Then we create transcripts and separate time stamped transcripts and custom playlists. Then we enable links to the website, begin annotating, and add keyword imagery, since Google uses OCR to read background text.

Photography & Photoshop

I recommend our service for real estate photography, product photography, art photography, and other business photo needs. What makes my photo shoots special? A superior knowledge of Photoshop and digital manipulation, as well as good photographic skills and a great camera. I am able to recreate lighting and retouch photos in a smooth, professional natural looking way. No obvious retouches, no simple over exposing or increasing saturation. I manipulate the RAW photo data to make dramatic lighting effects, straighten lines and clean up photos, bring out colors, add in people and objects into photos and much more.

Guest Blogging Program

Guest blogging has gotten a bad rap lately. Because very few understand it. We locate and seek out guesting partners who do not do much or any blogging, who are local, and are relevant. We make sure there is reciprocal social sharing of the content so it is deemed valuable, and we ensure authorship and publisher is setup on the guesting blog and our own blog.

We also qualify the partners to ensure fair exchanges, and qualify the articles themselves for SEO worthiness. Bad content can negatively impact your site. Good guest blogging done right is always, always a win for SEO and for good promotional practices in general.

Landing Page Development

Landing pages are the crux of all SEO. There are many aspects to formation of good landing pages. We can do everything form providing copy and design, to creating a custom image to go with your landing page and service, as well as a voice over video and audio embed from YouTube and Soundcloud. We do a lot of landing pages, and know the elements that need to be in there, including a proper structure of heading tags, image, video, audio, list of main points, bold, italic, call to action, min text amount, etc…

We also do A/B testing for landing pages and multiple versions of landing pages, an amazingly profitable service that can go terrifically with Adwords.

Employee Training

Another service delivered by My Favorite Web Designs is training. Search Optimization is a big field, and it can often be managed most effectively with a dedicated in house employee or team, and a consultant who would typically be a CEO or strategist at an SEO company. I can train you and your team to do you own SEO and social media, which is a great way to empower your organization. I can train you to manage the content on your site, create pages in HTML or on the wordpress system, set them up so as not disrupt the data hierarchy of your site. Learn to add and manipulate images, style text, create ads and snippets for sidebars, adjust page layouts, use WordPress themes and much more with internet marketing training from My Favorite Web Designs.

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