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by Marvin Tapia on My Favorite Web Designs
Effective SEO Journey

I have been working with My Favorite Web Designs since last year and we have seen amazing organic rankings! I would recommend this company to any business seeking to increase their local traffic and/or improve their website design. Our family owned business is doing better than ever!!

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

We have been working with My Favorite Web Designs for the last 6 months.
They are great to work with and very helpful.They designed an awesome site for our business and continue to help us with our SEO.
They are extremely knowledgeable and and pricing is very fair.
I cannot say enough good things about this company! Thank you to Josh and your team!

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

Always great working with these guys, super helpful and learned a lot from them!

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

Joshua is standup human being and helluva Web designer. He’s a nice guy, utterly competent and on top of technology. He always got back to me when I had a question, suggestion or addition. He solved problems seemingly effortlessly.

My Web site is beautiful because in addition to knowing how to make online commerce work logistically, he has a fine aesthetic temperament. He’s literate, no grammar nor spelling busts. Because he created such a groovy Web site for me, it will be my last one. I’m confident that whatever future tweaking I may fancy, Josh will figure out a way to keep my site alive and fresh.

His pricing is most fair. He doesn’t string things out or pad his time. Besides all his fabulous work and personal charm, he loves dogs.

Jan Meng
Hungry Holler Art Refuge

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

Thank you so much for your help!! Joshua is an amazing person and I would never use another web design company again. I can’t say enough about My Favorite Web Designs. Call Joshua now if you are looking for a web designer ;)

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

To say that Joshua Owner/Designer is AMAZING is a HUGE understatement! I spent a lot of money with another local web designer and had a feeling that they are screwing me over on the money end. I found My Favorite Web Designs online and gave Joshua a call. Sure enough I was being screwed. The company I was working with was going to charge me another $2,000 to do what Joshua walked me throw on the phone in under 5 minutes. There are not many people in life that are willing to lend a helping hand without something in return, but when you find one there’s no real words for it. My Favorite Web Designs saved me over $2,000 with a 15-minute call. If you are looking for a web designer that you know will go above and beyond, look no further. You have found him! I can’t say enough amazing things about this man and his company. I would never use another web design company after my call to Joshua Jacoby at My Favorite Web Designs.

What are you waiting for, pick up the phone!!

Crissy DePoy

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

Josh and My Favorite Web Designs was a tremendous help to our firm in fixing problems with our website and quickly getting it republished. On short notice, and during a busy time for our company, Josh identified the problems with our site immediately and saved us significant time and distraction. We highly recommend Josh and look forward to working with My Favorite Web Designs again next time we have a need.

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

My Favorite Web Designs was exactly what I needed to get my WordPress site off and running. Josh is very knowledgable, cost efficient, and delivers on time. He was more than willing to work with my schedule, made adjustments on the fly, and offered very useful tips that helped me understand the site’s architecture and his process thoroughly. As I expand my site, seek further advice on how to optimize SEO, and interface with other applications, I will definitely be working with Josh to accomplish my goals. Thank you Josh!

by Anonymous on My Favorite Web Designs

Looked all over Phoenix for a hands on web designer to help me in my quest for a cost effective WordPress site so we (I) could easily update and change/add pages at will. Joshua came to my office (I work at home) and we talked about my expectations and needs. He came back with some options and I decided on one. GREAT choice!! He had it up and running before our scheduled date and has helped me all the way thru any issues we have had. He and his company would be a tremendous asset to ANY business looking for a presence on the web. Very cost effective and always make his schedule. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

simply the Best

I am in a very competitive business in AZ. I am in the top tier of people receiving referrals in my vocation directly due to the SEO and web efforts of Josh and Laura @ My Favorite Web Designs. Thanks Guys!

by jeff herring on My Favorite Web Designs
Nice work

Josh is motivated, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I’ve had a great experience working with him, and I’m looking forward to continuing. He’s fast , efficient and gets things done in a professional manner.

by Leah Marshall on My Favorite Web Designs
Amazing web design, great customer service

I got amazing service from Josh and Laura at My Favorite Web Designs. They did fast and beautiful work on our site www.BeanCountersLI.com and they charged a very reasonable price. They were very responsive to our needs and I have no problem recommending them to others. Thanks so much for being a good honest business! Small businesses like these are the backbone of our economy!

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My Favorite Web Designs has been consistently producing results for clients for over 6 years. Led by Joshua Jacoby, the team is fanatical about improving the user interface and producing quality content, which is exactly what you might expect from the most highly rated SEO company in Mesa. We do well at promoting sites and content in search engines because we understand the relationship between usability and ranking, and we have design as a key ingredient in every ranking we produce for clients.

If you need a website designer located in Arizona who understands the need for optimized content delivered to clients with rich media and other accompanying materials, then Joshua Jacoby and My Favorite Web Designs is a highly rated and skilled provider of web design services. All programming is done by Joshua Jacoby, the owner, with no outsourcing or middle men involved in the process. That is the key to our client satisfaction and our success as design professionals – no outsourcing!

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