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JT custom painting is a painting company in Mesa Arizona that specializes in residential and commercial painting. This company was started by one man going door-to-door and has grown to where it now has many trucks and employees working for it. We were contacted to do web design for this company with the intention of establishing a web presence that clients could go to and get a sense of the contractor in his work. Many times contractors when their jobs by showing off the quality of their work, and this is best done with pictures. Most contractor sites that we build have some kind of an area where the contractor can post their new projects and a Archive of their past projects.

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Creating a website can often be intimidating for people that have not done a lot of that type of work. From a technical perspective it has gotten easier than it used to be too set up a website, but there are so many considerations that need to be taken into account when building a site for a company that has an eye on expansion and future planning. For instance we need 2 crate navigation that guides clients to the pages that you want them to be on. We need to make contacting the client easy across devices and browsers. We need to design the look of the site to appeal to the correct demographics. We have to consider all the special effects and animations which we use in our design because many of them while pretty take away from the user experience on Mobile and other devices or Hertz search engine performance.

A lot of web designers in Mesa still like to do their projects from scratch. My favorite web designs has done hundreds of custom websites from scratch, both on the WordPress platform and simply using HTML, Ph.D, and JavaScript. In 2016 we have used almost exclusively Master themes. In the past we did not like using premium themes because they were not always compatible with the new WordPress released versions sometimes they were expensive, and they often had way too much food and JavaScript for what we needed to do. Fast-forward to 2016 and we have a number of things that make these things a lot more attractive. First the site speed is no longer an issue thanks to advances in PHP caching and things such as HTTP 2.0. Many of the themes that we were concerned about several years ago have reached very mature points in their development cycle and are secure stable and reliable. The business model around some of these things has occurred to the point where we no longer have concerns about whether or not the team will continue to be updated in perpetuity. For instance the Avada theme that we use in our company pretty prominently has over 400,000 active users and is one of the best-selling themes of all time. The development company that makes it is now a multimillion-dollar business with a full-time staff of several skilled Developers.


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