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This law firm really needed a website update. They had a ton of junk content that was dragging down their site quality, all their most important pages hidden in a dropdown, and almost no trust builders. We worked with them to design a split level navigation, with corporate links small up top and the main service pages inserted large in the main menu and in a sticky menu. This client also had video we needed to showcase. Videos can be very useful to the user experience of any Phoenix website design, and we like to use video next to blocks of information. The thinking is that some people are visual learners, some audio, and some written word, so by having these two next to each other, it makes certain users can consume the info using the media of their choosing. 

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While the site does use a small amount of Javascript, none of the main content is hidden behind Javascript. This is important in this day and age for a good user experience. This site does have multiple calls to action, which makes it easy for the user to get assistance with their query. Google webmaster guidelines has some really interesting info on the use of dropdowns and javascript. They confirm that things in hidden in dropdowns are given less credence, and have other good tips for helping search engines interpet your page and for users to use your page easily:


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