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A bankruptcy and personal injury law firm in Mesa Arizona comma Marco Wimmer started working with my favorite web designs in 2016 to redesign their current site and improve their search engine visibility. We created a new fully custom site from scratch with custom graphics done in Photoshop. We incorporated many of the best elements of their previous site with their new design to come up with a website which is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

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Designing a website for a local business involves building trust with your potential client. Some of the most important things you can add to a local website to help promote the conversion of prospects into clients are trust builders. What are the things which allow your potential customers to form an opinion of you and your business and begin to establish Trust? Some of the items we know that can accomplish this objective are third party reviews such as displaying your review rating and review account from Google or Yelp. Another badge which helps to build trust is the Better Business Bureau badge. While you must be accredited to display an accredited business badge you can get a rating on Better Business Bureau regardless of whether or not you are accredited.

Other items that let clients form their connection to your business include photographs of the team and the premises. Google and Yelp encourage their users to add photos on a regular basis because they know statistically that their visitors like to look at photos. Videos are equally as powerful in conveying your company’s message to your prospects.

This is a big part of the reason why it is useful to have a Mesa web design agency that is also a marketing company. Because we are set up to create multiple different types of media for clients as part of our marketing program, this allows us to build better website for our web design clients, because we can have videos made, pictures taken, landing pages created, etc…


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