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My AZ Lawyers is an Arizona Law Firm that needed to rank for legal services such as DUI, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Custody, and more. This type of site had 2 objectives for marketing. On the one hand, we needed to convey a professional and organized appearance to the clients. On the other hand, we had to do it without making our site appear too high end or expensive, which would be a turn off to the majority of people considering services. The site was designed on a custom theme, using html and php inside the WordPress framework to create a site that could accommodate all of our objectives. Because Mesa SEO was high priority, no JS was used that could be considered render blocking, and any iframes were places below the fold.

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Many clients do not initially fully understand the concept of designing for above the fold. When the idea first came out, a lot of Mesa web designers made their site with all the content crammed into the top. However, from material design best practices we know that this approach creates a difficult user interface. The correct way to do above the fold is to place critical data into the head – so if you are a local business, we should have an address and phone above the fold, as well as your menu. Your critical items should not be hidden in dropdown menus, as these again hide content until a lot of style and JS have rendered. That being said, for mobile, dropdowns or jquery menus are needed, and should be part of the critical rendering path when possible. While a lot of this is technical, the takeaway should be that you should make the top of your site quick to load, with the most important info up top so clients can convert, and without jamming content up on the screen. 


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