logo for canyon state roofing company

This particular roofing company has a very strong brand identity, and they were very involved with the web design in Phoenix process throughout. We knew that in order to make something truly great, it would be an iteration. Iteration is a concept in design and development. The theory is that you must build things to really see them function and improve upon them, and it governs the development of almost anything complex, from software to marketing. With this client, we needed to be able to make changes quickly, and do things not normally included in the Avada theme we were working with. Fortunately, using PHP hooks and some custom CSS, we can achieve virtually any style. The only drawback to customizing the look this extensively is that you must test on multiple devices, and you have to be sure future theme updates don’t change the hooks that you are hooking into. Fortunately, in 2016 most good themes have figured this out, the Avada theme is among the best of them.