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ATG Transport is a fairly major trucking company, nationally, and they have hundreds of trucks running routes across the country. They did not have a web presence, and needed assistance building a website which looked good, represented their brand and could potentially be used to market their company. We began with identifying many of their key selling points, using our web design questionairre and by meeting with the client. One of the big advantages of hiring a local design firm is that we are able meet and do design with clients in person, either at our mesa office, or at their office. We currently have clients throughout the valley, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Maricopa, Queen Creek, Glendale, Peoria and Other cities throughout AZ. 

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This website uses a lot icons to help illustrate the main points. We stayed away from large blocks of text. This is actually better from an SEO point of view as well. One of the metrics google uses to determine quality is the average time on a page and bounce rate. With pages that are too text heavy, it can scare people off before they begin, and make a well written page have a high bounce rate. That same content, laid out in an easier format for mass consumption, may have a way lower bounce rate, and thus do better in SEO. If you search readability studies, you will find something interesting. The optimal width for content is columns about 300px wide – longer than that becomes more of a strain and lowers retention. This means your typical 1024 px width screen would have lines spanning too far across the screen. A great way to solve this is to use a 3 column layout! You can actually find these principals applied within the print industry. If you look at magazine and newspaper articles, they almost always have columns, for the same reason of usability. 


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