The Top 5 Things A SEO Company Needs An Awesome Website Company To Do

In the new world of Arizona search engine optimization, there are many techniques that only a web design professional can take advantage of. Here are the top 5 things most SEO companies do not do, due to the lack of web design expertise.

seo-mesa-money-now-title-loans1. Make sure your clients website is built on a WordPress platform. You can do everything manually with a normal html or php site, but it will take far longer. Additionally, search engines require a large amount of content, and a content management system is needed to intelligently manage a large site. WordPress saves our company 3 hours for every 1 hour we spend doing onsite optimization – it is that efficient, no joke.

2. Hook your client’s website up to Google plus, Webmaster tools, Facebook Open Graph and Google Analytics. If you are not on this, you are missing the boat. These are just the start, there are many level of interaction that a good developer can layer into your website, creating a better experience for the user – think login with google or facebook, personalized auto fill info, personalized recommendations, the ability to plus. like or share.

3. Create Optimized Posts And Pages With Good Coding Practices. I have seen it 10,000 times. A well-meaning SEO company creates a HTML page using microsoft word. The resulting copy and paste gets the job done, to some degree, until you look at the code you have just auto generated. It is bloated, and downright ugly. It uses no hierarchy, has empty structural elements and lots of extra outdated code it should not.

4. Set up additional blogs and relevant niche sites. Sometimes you need to address a certain segment of your audience very exactly to gain the attention needed. A useful technique is to establish a blog or informational site in this specific niche area, and have it lead back to your site and feed you traffic. If your SEO company does not do that, you could have trouble.

5. High speed hosting. If you already have a fantastic host like WP-engine or Rackspace, you are in good shape. If you are on bluehost shared or hostgator shared, you are OK, but not ideal. If you are on godaddy or some other shared hosting, you are very likely not in good shape. You need your website to be fast, consistently, it is important to Mesa SEO. A good designer / developer can optimize your page speed, via caching and optimizing onsite, and by having a host who does not slow to a crawl when the busy time of day hits, and is consistently fast.

So there you have it, and this is just the start. You need to integrate your design and SEO team, it is downright essential in today’s SEO environment.

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