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In our role as Mesa SEO managers, we find planning for our accounts is an important task. Since there is an unlimited amount of work to be done, a smart manager needs to be able to set targets in the short and long term, and make sure those targets are the best use of that particular client’s budget.

One of the most important aspects of account management is that clients typically bill on a thirty day cycle, so you have as much time to get all of their hours completed. Targets for the next month should be listed and ordered right after they bill so that you can be on your way to completing their hours for the following month. This is an important step in Account Management because it allows you to stay organized and make sure that hours are capable of being completed within the allotted time. While we have done different billing cycles in the past, the 30 day cycle is a good amount time to make progress on most targets and keep yourself accountable for moving forward.

Account Management with my favorite web designs


When listing targets, you should first ask yourself what will benefit your client the most? A lot of clients have local targets that should be completed because those will gain them the most revenue. Focusing on the region around or near their office is the first thing that should be done, and with that, their map listing. Reinforcing their map listings is a key step in giving clients the most valuable hits and high ROI traffic.

account management map rankings and local listingsSome of the external factors we look at for our clients include their local listings, the consistency of their contact info, their reviews pace, their photos on google maps, their content on their local directories and of course the number of citations from relevant and local sources.

NAP, or name, address, phone number, is extremely important. If this information is wrong on places like the client’s directories, social media, their own website, and other places, it can mean bad ratings from Google, and people searching for this particular company will be sorely disappointed when there is misinformation. Checking their NAP for discrepancies is an essential step when auditing the client and providing targets for their next month of hours. Once NAP is checked on social media, directories, and their actual site, checking onsite is the next important step in listing targets for the next month.


There are plenty of things to be checked organically, here are a few things to start with:

  • Check for pages on noindex which should not be, and vice versa.
  • Check for and noindex thin content
  • Check onpage SEO, alt tags, titles tags, meta description, proper usage of h1, h2 and h3, etc…
  • Look at load speed and file sizes
  • Link to trust builders, such as social media and reviews
  • Checking and fixing issues from webmaster tools and google analytics
  • Calls to action prominent

All of these factors will help with ranks and ratings when people search for your client.

organic seo in mesa azAfter you check all of these things on the site and other related locations, you can begin to determine what kinds of things your client will need for the month. For each month, one client will typically need one blog written, shared, and published on various social media outlets, not to mention their own website. Another monthly task should be the addition of one new landing page. Adding landing pages for clients really helps to diversify their website. Finally, local listings and onsite optimization should be done for them, and that should eat up a good chunk of their hours. If the client has a larger budget and has more hours to fill, videos should be added to your list of targets for the client.

Something else to consider when taking care of a client is the personal communication you hold with them. At least once a month, you should contact them and ask them to approve a blog, video, review, etc.. Let them know how their site is doing and give them targets to complete as well. Working together, you can both give their site the best hits and traffic possible. Not only is communicating with the client vital for maintaining a professional relationship, but it is also important because it lets them know that their money is not being wasted. Client communication should be something that is practiced regularly.

Once these targets have been listed and completed, and their hours have been utilized, you can start listing targets for the next month.


After all of the onsite and local targets are added and optimized, think about what kinds of unique landing pages to add to the client’s website. Choosing the keywords for the landing pages should vary based on the client, the services they offer, and the areas that they serve. But this is where you have to be more careful with the kinds of landing pages that you order. You want the landing pages to be unique, so avoid duplicating the ones that are already on the site. If you have rankings for “Chandler Roof Repair” and that leads directly to your client’s homepage, you want to avoid adding a landing page of the same name and title. If this happens, then the two pages will compete with each other, and in some cases, neither of the pages will rank, and that won’t be good for the client’s site.

landing page account managingBe mindful of the client’s service areas. If they are located in Mesa, then their customers would most likely search the surrounding areas like Gilbert, Chandler, or Phoenix rather than somewhere further away. Also, in the more populated areas, being more specific about certain services can help their targets. For example, if you have a Mesa Bankruptcy page, you could add chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy pages to get coverage for all subject matter in the area. But this would not be necessary for a smaller area like Gold Canyon. You could simply combine the three pages into one and get more hits that way as well.

Finally, when choosing target keywords, choose areas that will win ratings. A newer site won’t win for broad areas like Chandler, Mesa, or Phoenix. Choose more specific areas to target like East Mesa, North Phoenix, or South Mesa. This will niche down competitive areas as needed and give your client higher rankings for the things they can actually rank with. Newer sites have fewer options for their scope of targets.


other monthly details behind account managementOnce you have a good list of targets for your client, and you know what your keywords are going to be for your new landing pages, check in with the client. This is important for improving communication between you and the client and giving them tasks to complete. Giving them things to manage for their business is important for successful rankings. Give them things to do like adding pictures to their facebook, instagram, and other social media they might have. Give them some writing to do like blogs, reviews, or landing pages. Videos are also helpful for targets and rankings. Anything will help with their rankings and targets.

If all of these things are taken care of in the proper time frame, monthly targets can be completed within the budget of the client. Making sure that your client’s SEO has good rankings and minimal errors is the key to giving them a successful site to help promote and stabilize their business.

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