Bankruptcy Attorney SEO For Fife Cesta Law, PLC

Search Engine Otpimization On A Bankruptcy Website In Arizona

One of the biggest challenges with legal website is garnering trust from search engines. The legal field, due to the often excessive profits that can be generated per click, has been the target of far more than the usual number of spamming campaigns, and as a result any experienced SEO company will tell you that legal SEO is a challenging beast.

So how do we compete in such an arena? Fortunately, many of our most successful strategies are spam proof, and it shows. Consider some of our best tactics: Microdata, Webmaster and Analytics responsiveness, Video, Guest posting with local companies, and more.

We also use social media as part of our SEO program, which many do not. We know that having local followers and an active social graph insulates you from penalties and increases your contents value. We also provide integration to the site, and share capabilities, to round out our social strategy.

The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta has been a client of My Favorite Web Designs since April 2011. They came to us to help boost their rankings for bankruptcy attorneys in Mesa Arizona. With just two months of search engine optimization, we were able to significantly boost their rankings.

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