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While My Favorite Web Designs can do optimization on any kind of website, there are very clear and distinct advantages to doing optimization on a WordPress platform. Be warned the data presented here is of a more technical nature. I do not expect every client will want to read it, but those who have dabbled in search optimizing websites may find this interesting.

When most people think of WordPress, they think of blogs. The fact of the matter is that in capable hands, WordPress is simply a content management framework, with terrific data structuring, permalink support, seo plugins galore, automatic sitemaps, auto rss, pinging, commenting, facebook integration, microdata support, and the list goes on.

Why Is WordPress So Awesome?

Traditional website optimization, as done by AZ SEO by My Favorite Web Designs, consists of many things you have likely learned plenty about, such as doing alt tags and adding keywords to content as needed. We also add title tags to pages that are optimized for SEO and adjust them based on analytic data, add images and links, as well as extra meta data when needed, canonical urls, sitemap with webmaster and analytics, rss feed submittals and pinging. Most importantly of all, we build data into data silos using taxonomies.

In the field of website optimization, data taxonomies are very misunderstood. It simply means to group content by relevance, and then assign categories to the groups. The specific optimization comes when you are able to apply this to everything on the site, from link structuring to page and paragraph headings.

WordPress expert for SEO and Website Optimization, As Well As Design, Develop and Build

We create rich content for clients, such as videos or audio to accompany pages, pdf downloads, images, infographics, forms, polls, and other types of enhancements to promote a good user experience. Optimizing a page means doing these things. When a technical point is made or research from a good source is quoted, we would make sure that was linked properly for SEO credit, we also create internal links where possible.

There is also the matter of easy to add additional data types, including products, reviews, PDFs, galleries, slideshows, and more. Adding them in the correct fashion without alarming Google’s very sensitive radar is a skill that cannot be mastered without the thousands of hours of practice, as much of the data I have learned has been from trial and error, field testing, and taking search engine research performed by My Favorite Web Designs and turning it into a workable formula for SEO success.

Plugins To Look Into

Plugins are only as good as they are configured and maintained by their authors, but here are a few I like for their functionality.

Yoast – of course.
Broken Link Checker – Awesome, must have, checks your whole site, fixes 301’s automatically, Wowzer.
WP Super Cache – make sure sure you check off the recommended items, but great, site speed is vital, uses less memory and easier to use than w3 total cache
Better WP Minify – Super Cache does not minify, which means to combine JS files and CSS files and even defer their loading till after the content, this plugin is needed. It can be complicated, don’t whip this one out on a live site, test at night or better yet on a test site.

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