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Our Website Design Process

Collect Info For Your First Design Proof
We have a web design questionairre: you can find here. We also typically meet in person or by phone with clients prior to getting started, to see if there is any further info we need to nail the web design first proof. The questionairre asks about things like logo, colors, products, marketing, etc…
Arizona web design collect information for design preferences
Design first proof of website with top Phoenix AZ web designers
Designing Your First Proof
From here, Josh or Hannah will draft the first proof of your website. We design your proof as a test site, so we can simply make changes right on the test site. We send you the URL to review and give feedback on, and dial in from here.
Adding Content, Media & Forms
We build out empty pages on the test site, and work with clients to get the text done. We also try to get pics from your business, but can use stock photos if no other photos are available. We build out all our interior forms, slideshows, style the verbiage, collaborate back and forth to get te site to the final product.
Personalized web design services in Scottsdale Arizona
Final web design edits and launch with website marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona
Final Edits, Testing & Website Launch
Here we typically test the forms, test the site on mobile, test across browsers, make any fixes. We also correspond with the clients for any changes. Many sites are perpetually evolving, which is why we have our Monthly SEO program, but this phase of our process gets the site live and able to convert traffic to leads.

Website Design Portfolio

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Website design for an AZ Law Firm

Website design for law firm

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Web design for Law Firm in Tempe

Web design for Gilbert Dog Sitter

Web design for Arizona Roofing Company

Web design for epoxy Garage Flooring Company

logo for a to z valleywide movers

logo for arizona ignition interlock

How Much Does AZ Website Design Cost?

Website Design is billed at $75/hr. A typical small business website take 8 – 12 hours. A typical e-commerce website take 15 – 18 hours. It’s that simple, we have low overhead, we work quickly, do not be surprised if we come in significantly under other bids, we often do.

The Fastest & Most Secure WordPress Hosting Available

While clients can certainly host with any company they wish, I have worked very hard over the past 7 years developing the best solutions for WordPress hosting. In fact, I believe our hosting solution is superior to WP Engine, Media Tempe, Godaddy, Pagely and many of the other managed WordPress hosting solutions on the market today. We have a few unique advantages:

DDOS Protected Cloud Servers Hosted By Vultr

Many managed WP companies suffer from poor infrastructure, no traffic filtering, and lack of scalability. With Vultr, we have one of the best distribution networks of any hosting company out there, and affordable DDOS protection on all sites.

Server Software Managed By ServerPilot is one of the most cutting edge platforms for hosting WordPress and other PHP sites. It auto updates and patches our servers, and provides multiple PHP versions, so we can run most apps on PHP 7+, for awesome speed.

Redundant Security With Cloudflare

For clients whose websites we maintain, we often route their sites through cloudflare. Cloudflare acts as a CDN, and servers your content from their servers, using resources they cache for crazy speed increases. They also add a terrific layer of security and other cool features.

Server Reserved For SEO and Web Design Clients

I personally manage all the sites on our server. We have many high value clients on those servers, and it is far more important for me to have their sites consistently fast than to sell hosting. For this reason, we prefer to reserve our servers for clients for whom we are managing their sites.

We Warranty Sites On Our Server

From fixing a site that has been hacked to debugging slow sites and configuring back ups and redundancies, as a design & development firm we have the actual technical skills to fix our sites, while most hosting support falls to pieces at the first site of any complex problem.

No Page Caching Or Plugin Restrictions

Almost all managed WP makes their money through aggressive page caching to preserve resources. They also limit many plugin which use resources. ServerPilot software is optimized just for WP, so we are able to edit sites much, which is great when you pay us by the hour :).

Free SSL Included With All Hosting

ServerPilot Allows us to have Free SSL for all our website. Furthermore, SSL used to require a dedicated IP in order to fully set up and verify for merchant accounts. ServerPilot jails each account, and uses a technology call Server Name Indication which makes the need for a dedicated IP a thing of the past.

WooCommerce VS Shopify

Shopify is a great platform. It is SEO friendly, affordable, easy, quick to set up. But it is not as customizable as WordPress by a longshot. It is much harder to create a branded look that perfectly and uniquely works for your business. Many of my small businesses are concerned with looking local and personal, and Shopify themes do not really do that out of the box. Moreover, Shopify is limited by the platform. In the future, if they raise rates, or decide your content is no good, you do not own your site, you can be kicked off the platform. Lastly, though their SEO features are good for beginners, they are not anywhere near what can be accomplished by a good WordPress website, where plugins allow for tech to be updated much faster than on shopify, where modules need to be vetted 3 ways to sunday before they can roll out.

WooCommerce VS Volusion

Volusion & BigCommerce are solid platforms. Great customer support, fast websites, secure servers, easy to set up. So why would we possibly not recommend them? The real reason comes from a lack of ownership and extensibility. Changes to advertising policies can severely affect your business. When you are on someone else’s platform, you are subject to their rules, and dependent on their good service. If their company is sold or folds, you may not have as many options as you want. WordPress E-commerce is also awesome for the extensibility. We can add forums, blogs, custom post types and a ton of other SEO and display capabilities. We can create fine detail landing pages and split test minute changes, which those platforms are not optimized for, and by the time they are WordPress will be doing things which they are not.

WooCommerce VS Magento

Magento is really one of the few apples to apples comparisons. There are plenty of other smaller market share carts, from Cart66 to Jigoshop, but Magento is actually a robust self hosted E-commerce platform, with unlimited extensibility. That being said, unless you are running an inventory of 10,000’s of products selling in every country, then you should probably work with WooCommerce. We routinely run into clients who are trying to migrate off Magento, for the reason that it is overly complex, does not have the support community like WordPress, very few skilled developers who specialize in that platform, and while it is extensible, it is expensive to do, where WooCommerce & WordPress often have the module you need prepackaged for a low fee.

WooCommerce VS WP E-commerce

I started with WP E-commerce. When WooCommerce came out, I resisted using it for my web design and development, as I had some successes with WP E-commerce. Since then, the WP E-commerce team has changed people several times, and the development track is inconsistent to say the least. We had numerous clients who lost money from updates that were incompatible with the Get Shopped system. While initially WP E-commerce had more users and plugins, circa 2011, now WooCommerce has moved so clearly ahead it is no longer even a fair comparison. WP E-commerce was one of the pioneers of WordPress Ecommerce, which was really cool for those of who had only work worked with Zen Cart and osCommerce.

Websites Designed For Every Device

Our website use responsive design, and can adapt to any sized viewport.

Tobin Law Office Criminal Lawyer website

Why WordPress?

With over 11,000 plugins available, and the support of the largest online community of any web platform in history, WordPress can be running any website on the web. In fact, 20% of the websites on the internet today are built on WordPress! Easy to use, secure, easy to add advanced capabilities and most importantly, Search Engine Optimization tasks are all easier and quicker in WP.

In fact, lead Google search engineer Matt Cutts has gone on record saying that WordPress offers significant advantages in the ease of implementing SEO, especially across a large and ever expanding network of content.

WordPress Saves Money

Marketing success involves building large websites, with multiple landing pages that are A/B tested, dozens of SEO characteristics that need to be monitored and checked on each page, from meta and title tags to FB sharing tags. WordPress allows easy and organized administration of all these items in a clean dashboard and has hundreds of free plugins that manage every advanced search optimization capability imaginable. Best of all, WP is totally free!

How Does WP Work?

Traditionally, website were built using software that required files to be transferred back and forth to the server for every change. This required giving access to sensitive material to many different users, and it meant multiple users had to be very, very careful not to overwrite each other. WordPress changes the game – edit most things yourself with controls similar to MS word, login, give limited or full access to others, and never overwrite each other.

Isn’t WordPress A Blog?

WordPress was a blog when it began over a decade ago. Nowadays, WordPress website designs are the most popular content management system on the planet, and a platform that you can add any capability to, from social media applications, live chat, photo and video galleries, even complex financial management and support software runs on WordPress.

Small Business Needs WP

In order for any small business website make money over the long run, it will need to have content updated and added on a regular basis. WordPress sites reduce the expense associated with this process dramatically, and improve the searchability of the content. You can even edit your own text, upload pictures, embed videos, audio, add contact forms and much more!

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    In addition to being a 8 year WP veteran, I also work on websites ranging from simple HTML sites to custom PHP sites and sites that heavily employ JS, Jquery, and other languages. I have worked on many platforms, and I am a local AZ Web Designer.


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