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Our Website Design Process

Collect Info For Your First Design Proof
We have a web design questionairre: you can find here. We also typically meet in person or by phone with clients prior to getting started, to see if there is any further info we need to nail the web design first proof. The questionairre asks about things like logo, colors, products, marketing, etc…
Arizona web design collect information for design preferences
Design first proof of website with top Phoenix AZ web designers
Designing Your First Proof
From here, Josh or Hannah will draft the first proof of your website. We design your proof as a test site, so we can simply make changes right on the test site. We send you the URL to review and give feedback on, and dial in from here.
Adding Content, Media & Forms
We build out empty pages on the test site, and work with clients to get the text done. We also try to get pics from your business, but can use stock photos if no other photos are available. We build out all our interior forms, slideshows, style the verbiage, collaborate back and forth to get te site to the final product.
Personalized web design services in Scottsdale Arizona
Final web design edits and launch with website marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona
Final Edits, Testing & Website Launch
Here we typically test the forms, test the site on mobile, test across browsers, make any fixes. We also correspond with the clients for any changes. Many sites are perpetually evolving, which is why we have our Monthly SEO program, but this phase of our process gets the site live and able to convert traffic to leads.