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This website was done for a pawn shop with multiple locations throughout the valley. We needed a website that worked well on mobile and desktop and would help guide clients to their many stores. I knew that the site needed to help engender trust without making the client book overpriced. His clientele was typically a working class customer who depended upon Savvy shopping to make their budgets work. We categorized the products and made a mega menu so that we could show the many different types of merchandise easily in one glance. We also used a lot of icons in our navigation to help so visually what the link was. This was particularly useful as many of the website visitors would be bilingual.

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The website needed to be fast and secure. Since we post many of our clients on our server, we took the hosting for this client as well. Our hosting platform is really one of the best places a website can ever be served from. We are on a Cloud Server from vulture who is one of the best Cloud Server companies in the business and has a fantastic distribution Network. We have DDOS protection on this server, which in this day and age is kind of essential for any server that you need to run consistently fast. We run serverpilot on this Cloud Server to handle the configuration. Serverpilot is dedicated to WordPress hosting and PHP applications. Serverpilot allowed us to set up each of the websites with a different version of PHP and even has PHP releases up to 7.1 available for use. Because this server management software is dedicated to the hosting of WordPress websites a lot of the unnecessary clutter and insecure ports are cut out. An actual testing we have found that sites hosted on our server and served with cloudflare caching often load in under 500 milliseconds Which is far faster than similar tests for other more expensive hosting companies.


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