Web Design And Marketing For An Arizona Law Firm

credit repair lawyers of america fix credit

Creating a website for a credit repair lawyer is slightly different than creating a website for any other one. That is because the Target demographic is slightly different than a traditional law firm with serve. Credit lawyers seek to help people who have errors and mistakes on their credit report that are hindering their forward progress financially. From a design perspective this means we need to portray lawyer as a crusader and an advocate for their clients. Also credit repair lawyers are not necessarily doing any for fee services, and their websites need to stress the mission of their company above things like conversion.

For the credit repair lawyer of America website we wanted something that instantly inspired trust and confidence,  the color blue lent itself quite well to that. Search engine optimization was another big goal of the credit repair lawyer website, so we made sure that not too much JavaScript was used and that we kept it fast through the use of cloudflare and our own Super Speedy server.

credit repair lawyers of america website design and seo

We put trust building icons from Google and DVD very prominently in the website to help engender the trust. We added a live chat feature to help people who were viewing the website become conversions regardless of the time of day that they were looking or whether they were available to chat on the phone at that moment. Live Chat is a very popular feature for many of our websites, a lot of clients like to be able to instantly connect to their vendor right when they need help, and baking this into the website design and optimization is a win for the client.

A Personal Approach To Law Firm Web Design & Marketing

This client has cool pictures of himself in his staff and this is a plus for us as designers period clients love to see pictures of the business with which they are about to do business it really helps to increase conversion.

We also had a lot of videos to draw from as this client is a prolific author and does many videos to assist with conveying his message to his website clients. My favorite web designs helps credit repair lawyers of America with their video production and editing as part of their marketing service. Having video editing skills and equipment is a vital asset for any web marketing firm in 2017, the consumption of video is a medium is projected to grow exponentially year-over-year.

This client also has a very prominent form that is done Tastefully and is not overbearing. For this type of service this is a perfect approach to conversion as many of these clients have been the victims of over-aggressive collections agents and do not like to experience A Hard Sell after that trauma.


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