The Bornmann Law Group Web Design Project

The Bornmann Law Group WordPress website was designed by My Favorite Web Designs using HTML CSS and PHP to create a custom theme for this law group’s internet presence. Custom wordpress themes are terrific for developing small business web sites because they are easily managed by the employees of the business or by any web developer regardless of the language in which they specialize.

This business has several other web sites but needed a central web presence to tie together their search engine optimization efforts and their corporate branding. This was a terrific decision for their search engine optimization efforts by My Favorite Web Designs as it allowed us to reinforce their product offerings with dedicated niche websites.

Like many small business web sites there is a lot of focus on the business is services which are being offered. In addition we took time to concentrate on the staff pages and make them more social so as to make the business more relatable to their local customer base.

When designing a website for a lawyer we know that trust builders will be very important for their visitors. People hire lawyers because they have an important significant legal matter that they need resolved urgently and with a favorable outcome. They need to find people who they can trust enough to turn these affairs over to and be confident that they will be handled expeditiously and skillfully.

For this reason, it is important to prominently highlight the reviews of any business where trust is a dominant issue. While we can show off the reviews the client collects on their own website, there is large value in showcasing the reviews that appear on third-party websites, as these are often trusted more than the reviews that appear on one’s own website. It is also useful to show off trust building icons. A good example is the Better Business Bureau. Businesses which are accredited with the Better Business Bureau are allowed to use and display the BBB rating for their business on their website. While many newer consumers may not be as familiar with the BBB as the older generation, for many this is still to go to source for trusted reviews. Other examples for lawyers might be their AV rating from Martindale Hubbell or their AVVO rating.

We also know that professions which are licensed and regulated are often investigated through the agency that regulates them. For this reason in a website designed for contractor we always prominently display the contractor license number, and lawyers would do well to link to their lawyer profiles and State Bar license so people can easily research them and determine there are no skeletons hiding in closets.

The last component of the design for this client was the use of graphics. The client had read about HTML 5 and wanted the site to use cutting-edge technologies like that and CSS three. On the upside many of these elements were accessible and able to be used, but there were other components of these technologies that are not widely supported enough and would’ve caused cross browser compatibility issues. We ended up creating the design schematic in Photoshop and then re-creating it using a blend of traditional CSS and HTML combined with those elements of HTML 5 and 3 which were widely supported.

When choosing your design for your website be sure to consider what information about your company your clientele will be looking for or as this is the info that needs to be above the fold in the website you are building. Do not get overly impressed with displays of animated graphics or complicated designs, as these things do not necessarily lead to your client coming away with a favorable impression of you and your company.