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Presenting our latest AZ website design by My Favorite Web Designs, created for Realtor Amy Koch in Arizona. This website uses the flexmls idx plugin, and integrates plugin capabilities with customized and dynamic iframes for populating community and city pages with the appropriate listings. The site was designed with Mesa SEO and social media as a chief concern, and takes full advantage of these marketing avenues.

One last item that is nice on this theme – no native javascript or function overrides in PHP, which means the theme can be updated and upgraded until the end of time with no concern of plugins conflicting with the theme itself. (this is becoming a big issue with many themes that try to incorporate everything in the theme, instead of plugging in functionality, as is WordPress’s intent and main advantage).

Thing To Consider When Designing Realtor Websites

Real estate agents often have slightly different requirements for their websites then other types of industries. One of the primary purposes of the websites of real estate agents is to provide a place where their clients can access MLS portal for searching homes. This means that their website needs to be set up to convert, incorporating cost actions and contact forms that allow this type of activity to take place. But it also needs to be set up to encourage browsers to access the search capabilities of the website.

This requires a whole other set of calls to action that need to be placed prominently throughout the user interface. Getting a client to use features on your website can often be tougher than it would seem. Even though you may have a search now button on every page, this may not be enough to actually encourage action. Often a small search form will prompt users to enter information, and sign-ups which have incentives on them can also be a big advantage. For instance, if you are creating a landing page a community, then perhaps on that page you can have a sign-up to notify applicants about new real estate that is being bought or sold in that community.

Custom Real Estate MLS Search Web Design Project For Amy Koch

In closing, you need to determine the objectives that your visitors will need to complete in order to proceed into becoming conversions. With some websites you know that your visitor will need to consume a certain type of information in order to be motivated to purchase or call, with other websites you may get your best activity from funneling users to a video or info graphic with calls to action appropriately placed. I recommend not getting overly caught up in using interstitial’s as these are getting a very negative wrap from Google for lowering the overall quality of the user experience, particularly on mobile devices. You should be able to accomplish the objective for desired activity by setting up your content funnel just right and providing multiple opportunities for your visitors to enter the funnel, but not restricting the user interface to force or squeeze visitors into doing things, this is not good design practice.

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