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logo for real estate company designed by web designer in phoenix

Arizona Report is a website designed for a real estate agent in Arizona. The Agent, David Meek, is a very active blogger and internet marketer, and needed a platform that could support those ambitions, while still serving as a real estate company website, with integrated IDX search. WordPress is a natural fit for someone with these objectives. While there are other platforms that do much of what WordPress does, no other CMS is as widely supported as WordPress. While in the past this it may have been considered controversial to use WordPress as web platform, in the last 5 years it has emerged as the most prevalent platform on the web, powering roughly 25% of all websites on the internet.

seo web design for the arizona report

The website has innovative UI features, using conservative amount of CSS and JS based animation to make the user interface feel modern and interactive, but not obnoxious or overbearing. The website incorporates SEO technology throughout, from using trust builders, data hierarchy, properly named images and alt tags, relevant links and social links, and many other items that can really help a company’s SEO.

The colors are fantastic as well, using lots of baby blues and images of Arizona on white backgrounds. I think that creating a color scheme for your business is important, and making sure the colors are not so busy as to take away from your content is important as well.

Good web design is about so many things, from the layout and interface, to the style, readability and color scheme. It incorporates content planning, which means occasionally consulting with clients to help them put together their different services. It means working with the client to build a site they can manage, as all good sites should be updated. This site accomplished just that. It is mobile friendly, loads fast, has an easy to update blog, and terrific SEO value.


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