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This title loan company is located in Las Vegas Nevada. We designed a website that would allow their clients to come and get their questions answered regarding the title loan procedure and costs. The website was designed too heavily and courage conversion. To that end multiple calls to action were placed throughout the design allowing the potential client to contact or initiate the loan process from multiple different areas. The site is designed in red white and blue which are very popular colors for consumer-oriented sites.

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Title Loan Web Design

This website does use a few different plugins to help achieve the functionalities which are needed. For the contact forms we are using contact form 7. Well we have tried and used many other different contact form applications we have found issues with almost all of them ranging from too costly to too complicated and even dubious support and updates. For search engine optimization we are using the WordPress SEO plugin. We previously used SEO ultimate but found that the updates were slow in coming and it began falling farther and farther behind the WordPress SEO plugin.

Website Designed For Doing Loans On Car Title

The editing was accomplished using the fusion builder in conjunction with custom CSS created by the designers at my favorite web designs. The theme is the Avada theme available for purchase on code Canyon. We used to create our themes from scratch, but have found that developing on top of the Avada framework saves us a lot of time and produces an overall better product for our client in most instances. Previously we had stayed away from Master themes like this due to concerns with the development track and updates and compatibility, but in the last few years they have progressed to such a point that ignoring them is no longer an option. That being said the layman using these things will have a hard time accomplishing what we are able to do by combining our knowledge of JavaScript and CSS with the design capabilities of these themes.


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