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logo for scorpion control services, seal out scorpions

This website was designed for scorpion control and sealing company in Tempe Arizona. They had been building their site with another designer, but when communication deteriorated, they sought out a local web design and SEO company they could trust to transition them from their old but successful site to a new site that perfectly communicated their message. In this case, this company is known for their home sealing, they are really some of the best in the world, and often get called up to do work on high end homes in exotic locales. We needed to design a site that could both attract local business and at the same time appeal to a high end audience. 

seo website design for scorpion control company seal out scorpions

We created the site from scratch, which turned out to be good in this instance, it afforded us the granular control we needed, and has no dependencies. We often get asked, can you update a theme from My Favorite Web Designs? We use two types of themes currently – from scratch, and the Avada theme. We love Avada, and it can be easily upgraded, though it must be purchased to be upgraded, and we recommend you always backup before updating. Themes we do from scratch have no native JS dependencies, and have no built in functions that could be an issue, just very basic stuff. These themes have never had a problem updating, unless the plugin author changes their plugin or messes something up on their update, which has happened, though not frequently.


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