Website Built For Danny Delaria, A Marketing Company In AZ

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This website was built for Danny Delaria, a business consultant serving the Phoenix area. Danny needed a vehicle to Showcase his expertise in business coaching and marketing assistants for small and medium-sized businesses. Being as our Core Business is marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, we were a perfect fit to design this website for Danny. We created the site on the Avada theme comma inside of WordPress. We like the Avada theme because it uses the fusion Builder which is one of the more user-friendly visual builders on the market today. WordPress is a great platform for our clients because it is easy for them to manage their own content, and for people working for them to assist with the web marketing and promotions.

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Our Marketing Company Builds Website For Marketing Companies

Managing A WordPress Marketing Site

Many clients have in the past complained of slowness or security vulnerabilities inside the WordPress platform. While any type of website can potentially be hacked and cause issues, WordPress can invite more attacks than other platforms. This is due only to the fact that WordPress is the most ubiquitous web development platform on the net today. If there were not as many WordPress websites out there hackers would not be writing as many scripts to Target them. For this reason, we highly recommend that our clients do not take their website security and backup lightly. For clients that we host we are responsible for all security issues, uptime, backups functionality and more.

This particular website employed Danny’s unique color scheme and some really great stock imagery to create a professional-looking website that conveys a sense of confidence and quality. Any of the websites that we design have intended demographics. In this instance, the intended audience is a business clientele, mostly small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, the website could not look overly expensive and yet had to convey that it was a serious business.

While we love the Avada theme, some of the older versions came packaged with Revolution slider. We always strive not to use the revolution slider, simply because it is very JavaScript intensive and foremost websites is overkill. If you are not updating your plugins on a regular basis having a heavy duty JavaScript functionality like this plugged into your site can be a security issue. More to the point, part of the web design discipline is a theory of less is more. We know that clients may be surfing our websites from a multitude of devices and on a multitude of bandwidth. For this reason, we strive to never use more code than is needed and to never load more files than are needed. From a search engine optimization standpoint of view, we know definitively that reducing load time increases conversion and organic search engine positioning.


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