A WordPress Website Designed And Developed With Woocommerce E-commerce Platform For a Gilbert Business


Doing website design for companies that have e-commerce integrated into their website requires more consideration than simply designing a portfolio type site for a small business or promotional site for a new company that is forming. When designing for e-commerce, considerations such as placement of login and logout features and trust building elements should be a part of your initial design criteria.

Setting Up an Online Cart for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Gilbert

In addition to building an easy to use navigation structure onto the site that is being designed, the Gilbert website designer must also look at placement for a secondary navigation and think about what navigation might be placed in the footer of the site. The user interface must encourage conversion, which in this case is purchases of the products being offered on the site. In some instances, you may want to add products to a cart, and other instances you may want to simply have a buy now buttons placed next to products which take the consumer directly to the checkout process.

Woocommerce is an excellent platform for developing an e-commerce store as it is very full-featured and extensible. Woocommerce can be configured to use many different types of currency as the default currency for the store and shipping can be set up internationally using many different arrangements, such as one price for all items in the car together or per item pricing for items in the card. Woocommerce is also compatible with a large number of gateways, in this scenario we configured the QuickBooks payment gateway to work with the store so that the purchases could populate directly to a QuickBooks online set up and recurring billing could be implemented via the QuickBooks online.

Woocommerce is also excellent for Gilbert search engine optimization. Any site can be optimized so that it is easily consumed search engines when it is running Woocommerce. We integrated the Yoast SEO plug-in, which works well with Woo. It allows us to customize titles and meta-descriptions on a per page basis as well as specify social media profiles and other information directly in a way that is palatable to search engines for improving search engine ranking in Arizona.

Gilbert Business WordPress Website Design with Woocommerce E-commerce Platform

WordPress web design with e-commerce by woocommerce for Gilbert Arizona business

WordPress web design for Gilbert Arizona business

WordPress web design for Gilbert business

This site meets all the criteria that we look for an e-commerce site. It uses a 2048 bit SSL certificate, which stands for secure socket layer, and is a type of encryption that ensures the credit card information being transmitted is unable to be deciphered by hackers or other malicious third parties. If you need a website that is secure and able to process transactions while at the same time being Seo friendly and mobile optimized, then this is a great example of the type of product My Favorite Web Designs can produce for your company.

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