Phoenix Business Website Design And SEO Project

seoThis website was designed and coded by hand by Joshua Jacoby, the owner of My Favorite Web Designs, a specialist in websites developed for mobile friendliness and user experience. Created for the owner of a small business in Phoenix Arizona this website is lightweight and efficient, using no more HTML than was absolutely necessary and compliant standard modern CSS3 coding. Websites that have cleanly coded back-ends are able to be consumed more efficiently by Google search engines.

Web Design and SEO for Phoenix Business

Phoenix SEO By My Favorite Web Designs

The job of a search engine robot is not an easy one. The crawler must spider through pages on websites one after another with the goal of indexing the entire Internet. Imagine the processing power that an enterprise like this required! In order to keep their overhead lower and to make this task more feasible Google requires sites be easy to crawl and light weight so that they do not consume more processing power on the part of the search engine giant that is absolutely required.

Another advantage of this website is its mobile responsive design. Websites that are able to respond to the viewport on which they are being displayed have a huge advantage in user experience. Google likes to display search results that people want to see, and for this reason, sites that display well on viewports of varying sizes are boosted more prominently in the search engine rankings. This is just one of the many reasons that any Phoenix Arizona web designer who is working on a website needs to consider the way that it will conform when placed into a smaller viewport.

Many programmers, designers, and developers to their mobile websites in different ways. Some use a mobile redirect to redirect their users to a different website when they detect a user agent of a mobile device browser. Other web designers use a combination of JavaScript and PHP to serve one set of style files and image files for mobile and another set of style and image files for nonmobile. Neither of these instances is really ideal as it is serving different content to mobile users than is available to desktop browsers which result in the visitors to the website not having access to all the content. We use mobile responsive with CSS breakpoints, which is the recommended method from Google.

Phoenix Business Web Design And SEO

Phoenix Business Web Design

Phoenix Business SEO

Phoenix Business Website

On this website, we optimized the website for search using the Yoast WordPress SEO plug-in, which does actually have quite a few features that other Phoenix SEO plug-ins lack. We previously used SEO to ultimate for our optimization by in recent years the Yoast WordPress plug-in has pulled ahead in its development that now offers features such as JSON-LD and other enhancements that are very useful.

We also incorporated a blog into this Phoenix business website so that the owner would be able to continue creating and disseminating his content via the WordPress content management system. This is an important feature for any business site to have so that the owners and brand managers can continue to push out their message on a continual basis to the public.

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