Social Media For Business

There are now over a billion Facebook accounts. Does that mean that your business should be on Facebook?

I think so. I recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest and I have accounts there (and elsewhere) for myself personally and for my business.

I don’t use Social Media with the expectation that new Customers will flock to me because I’m on Facebook.

What Social Media brings to the table are communication lines. I connect with people that know me and love me, with friends and associates, and expand on these communication lines to connect with more people.

Here’s some things to do on Social Media:

  • Offer Help. Give value, “how to” information in your area of expertise. If you’re a Dentist, provide information on How To Keep Your Teeth For Life or similar. If you’re a CPA, How To Pay Taxes But Keep More Of Your Income or similar. Unless you’re Coca Cola and you will not reveal the secret formula even under torture, go ahead and make your useful information available. If you help someone, hopefully they will remember you and think well of you.
  • Offer information. I made short videos of my SEO Tips for the company Newsletter, it’s easy to link to my YouTube videos on Facebook and Google+ and Pinterest, then announce the fact on Twitter.
  • Be friendly. Spot a fellow Chamber Of Commerce member on Social Media? Request to connect with them. Like them. Do enough Liking and connecting and it will come back to you, the people that you want to know will reciprocate.
  • Introduce yourself and your business. Provide descriptive information about yourself (bio) and your business (history, timeline). Tell what makes your business special and unique. What is the difference between your business and other similar companies? But get into business where appropriate only.
  • Realize that Social Media is a public forum so be a little cautious. Don’t tell a joke that you would not tell in front of your mother. A future employer may look at your social media postings one day. Don’t give out overly personal information. You don’t want to be the victim of identity theft.If you spend time chatting, like you would over the backyard fence, or playing games (“I got you a giant radish on Farmville”) you will attract people who wish to chat or play games.
  • My recommendation is be friendly and be informative. You want people to remember you and think well of you. Help someone now and the next time they need to know something that is in your area of expertise, perhaps they’ll come to you.

I regard Social Media as farming rather than hunting, for the most part. This isn’t grabbing the ball, knocking aside all opposition and charging over the goal line. Meet people, get to know something about them and they learn more about you. You now have a basis for understanding and trust.

From a Mesa SEO perspective, social signals are increasing in importance all the time – this is a growth area so the best time to get in is now.

Imagine page one of search engine results when looking up your product or service on the internet. Page one includes your website, 2 of your YouTube videos and your Facebook page giving you, in this example, 4 out of 10 page one results.

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