New Types of Social Media Accounts

Update 2015, October

So, some of the new social media did not really go anywhere, which is a liability when working with social media. After all, it is not like MySpace and Google have not been failing at attempts for years. At present writing, it looks like Google is working to back Google plus out of the integrated space it occupies between drive, photos and maps, so that failure of one does not drive away or drive down the other initiatives. This is really unfortunate for those of us that have embraced those integrations, we are left to wonder what they will take next, what activity we worked so hard on will be deemed obsolete?

When looking for new social networks to establish yourself on, look at the money behind the project, and the relative success of the medium. For instance, Twitter and Linkedin are always safe bets. Instagram and Pinterest have really come into their own, and having a great presence on the sites can significantly help distribute your brand across the web.

New Types of Social Media Accounts - My Favorite Web Designs

Social media, when used in conjunction with Gilbert website design and marketing like email marketing, can be incredibly effective. If you are considering an Gilbert SEO or web marketing campaign, you will likely want to see what social media works the best for the demographic you will be targeting!

Video Transcript

Josh Jacoby, My Favorite Web Designs:

My Favorite Web Designs is a Mesa, Arizona web design and search engine optimization company. We were founded three years ago in 2009. We’ve done over a hundred WordPress websites and we perform search engine optimization for dozens of clients around Mesa and around the Valley. One of the reasons our service is so effective is that we utilize the WordPress website content management system and that allows us to do search engine optimization very cost effectively and to expand our customer’s websites and ad promotionals and other marketing items very cost effectively.

So, today we’re talking about new types of social media and these are new social media that people are taking advantage of. Some of you may have heard of Evernote and Typepad, and those are two different aggregating social medias, they allow you click different parts of the web, assemble them into notebooks, folders and pertinent collections of relevant data and then share them. And those are two very popular social medias right now. Another type of social media that is up and coming is social media aggregators for your other social media products. What I’m talking about here would be RebelMouse, for instance, and that creates a custom homepage for your brand or company, and that homepage aggregates all the feeds from your Twitter, from your Facebook, from your LinkedIn, and repost them there, so it’s kind of an all-in-one dashboard for your most important social media.

Social Media management in addition to website design for well rounded web marketing programs

And we also just had a new player launched on December 5th and that was, and that’s Microsoft’s attempt at social networking. So, far it’s not bad. It has some cool items in it that are similar to Pinterest and Typepad. So, we’re interested, we’re on it, we’re checking it out. And if I were you, I would make sure to hop on all your new social media early on, so that you take advantage and are able to get all the contacts and connections that come with being the first in.

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