Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video


Video is an Effective Marketing Strategy

Adding a YouTube video to your site is a highly effective marketing strategy for search engine optimization because search engines love video content. Keywords in your video will rank higher on major search engines and video is often listed in the top results during search. Additionally, when it is interesting to the viewer it boosts content engagement and user retention. Captivating content doubles the time people spend on your site, increases click through rates from search and a higher number of unique site visits per month generating more leads and higher conversions.

Video marketing increases product purchases because it triggers an emotional response by engaging both visual and auditory senses in the brain. This play on emotions persuades viewers to buy using body language, facial expressions, music, and imagery in your value proposition. Without ever having to step foot into your business, you are establishing a relationship with your customer. A personalized video builds trust and credibility because it creates a human element between the customer and the company’s spokesperson.

5 Quick Tips for Video Marketing

  1. Include your company’s spokesperson
  2. Enable links to your website
  3. Verify your YouTube account
  4. Create and upload a manual transcript
  5. Only upload clean video with clean audio
Watch our video for a complete explanation:
Recommendations When Making A YouTube Video - By My Favorite Web Designs

Video Transcript

Josh Jacoby, My Favorite Web Designs:

A couple of recommendations when making your YouTube video, make sure that you have, whoever the spokesperson is for your company, in the video for a couple of seconds. Google uses facial recognition technology, so having your spokesperson appear will also get you a little benefit with Google.

Videos integrate perfectly with Scottsdale web design and SEO packages by My Favorite Web Designs, and can be done in conjunction with other marketing services and outlets.

Another benefit that you can take advantage of in YouTube is links within the video to your website, and in order to enable those, you’re gonna have to verify your YouTube account. So, I recommend all YouTube users, go to Features in your Setting, verify your account, and then enable Custom Thumbnails, enable Monetization to become a partner in YouTube. And at that point, you’ll be able to do enhancements, upload longer videos, all types of special features within YouTube, including linking to associated websites, and directly associating your YouTube channel with a brand. And this is a tip that most people don’t realize. After you verify it, go back to your YouTube channel to the Feature section and you’ll see below Features, there is an Associated tab, and that’s the associated website, the website that that channel’s associated with.

Another issue about video that is not commonly understood is the role of the verbiage in the audio track attached to the video. Google attempts to transcribe all the audio that occurs on any of the videos on YouTube. You can see this by going to the transcript section of a video that you have uploaded and you will find that it has created a machine transcript, which is Google’s automatic processing of the audio file into a text file. While the machine transcript often has many errors, you are able to create and upload a manual transcript so that Google can follow along, improve their transcription software, and accurately serve your video to the audience that is searching for it. So be cautious about what audio you use in the video that you display.

Another thing to be cautious of is the quality of the video that you are uploading. Google can easily tell if a video is shaky, low resolution, grainy or poor lighting and will adjust the credit that he gives to that video accordingly. In fact the videos that you create are embedded with metadata that tells Google what type of camera and lens were used in shooting of that footage. There are many signals Google can use to determine the actual quality of the video on YouTube, so while you do not need to go overboard on production quality, clean video with clean audio is recommended for Scottsdale SEO value.

So, if you’ve not associated your YouTube channel with your website, make sure you verify your YouTube channel and associate it.

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