Web Design And SEO For A Queen Creek Business

Malibu pool service is the local East Valley Arizona full service company. They do service and repair and they needed a website to tell the public about it.

to give a little back story on the company, I first started working with the owner, Kevin, about a year and a half ago while he was an employee with another company. We started out making a website for an entirely other company. During this time, Kevin became a free agent and decided to open up shop for himself. We offered to set him up during this initial phase while he was not cash flow rich, and very inexpensively set up Craigslist campaigns, graphics for flyers and a 1 page web presence, all of which contributed to the thriving company that they are today.

Malibu pools has also recently opened up a supply store in Queen Creek Arizona to compliment their service business. My favorite web designs was on hand to take pictures and video for their website and create a landing page for the store.

We are currently managing and SEO campaign for this company, and we are having enormous success in making their web presence a true force in Arizona pool service and repair.

Doing website design and search engine optimization for local businesses is a very rewarding task. You get to see how your professionalism in executing an Seo program for designing a terrific looking marketing piece can result in sales and an improved quality of life for your client. Our clients rely on their businesses for their livelihood, and to feed their families. When we do our job well, it means a lot to our clients, and that is very gratifying.