Joshua Jacoby – Web Design, SEO Strategy

Joshua Jacoby is the owner and operator of My Favorite Web Designs, taking primary responsibility for SEO and website quality and delivery

I began growing this company due to the demand in the market. I have been in business 5 years full time, and in this time I have definitely noticed that much of our competition is not operating with a similar level of technical expertise. I use my technical skills as a programmer and veteran SEO manager to train our account reps in skills ranging from landing page design and development to site optimization, blogging, social media integration, and tons of other core SEO concepts aside from old fashioned link building, which we still do, though in a new way.

I personally have always wanted to be a marketer. I started 4 businesses before i was 8, and they all did well for me. I don’t remember how much I made shoveling driveways or doing food delivery, but boy do I remember my happy clients. There is nothing better than assisting people in building their livelihood, supporting their families and making their dreams come to life from a well executed program.