PPC Marketing & Optimization

Pay-per-click Is the highest ROI advertising besides organic SEO.
With properly optimized campaigns, this can be one of your best lead sources. 

Beginning With Google Adwords

Understanding Where Your Profits Lie
To select keywords that can generate an ROI, it is important to understand the price points at which clients can make money on their leads. We need to find the niche where there is profit for them in the adwords auctions system.
Optimizing The Landing Pages
Once qualified traffic is going to your site, all that remains is to turn them from prospects into clients. Making that conversion is integral to success with any paid advertising.
Setting Up Your Campaigns
We begin setting up search only advertising campaigns & start with basic keywords and ads. We look for extensions, such as sitelinks, call, location, reviews, structured data, pricing and other to help increase click through.
Tracking, Analyzing & Adjusting
With Google analytics, you see searches clicked, from where, what you paid, how long they stayed, conversions, mobile vs tablet vs desktop, site speed, what pages they went to, where they dropped off, where they lingered, its utterly amazing.

Local Keywords VS Non Geo Specific

Bidding on keywords can be done in conjunction with geographic areas. This is a great way to get values – you may find people looking for a “gilbert ppc company” convert better than just “ppc company”. You may also find it to be cheaper too! This type of targeting really benefits mobile as well, be sure to have location and click to call extensions enabled for locational based campaigns and ad groups where you have a physical presence.

Action Keywords VS Research Keywords

We often find clients bidding on related keywords, instead of action related keywords. For instance, if you were an AC repair company, you would likely want to spend more bidding for “AC repair company” or “AC repair contractor” and pay less for “AC Repair”. Using this same example, you could bid on “ac repair” broad match, but then make sure you had “how to” and “tutorial” in the negative keywords for this campaign.

Long Tail Keywords

When you enter a market where prices are too high, one strategy is to niche down your keyword selection. For instance, If you cannot get a good price for “mesa PPC consultant” you might try bidding for “east mesa PPC consultant” or “top rated PPC Consultant in Mesa” or other variations. Of course, then you need good relevant content ready to convert, specific to that long tail for best results. You also have to consider for each of these pages you create how to treat them from an SEO perspective.

Negative Keywords And Broad Match

Broad match can be the best way to begin a new campaign. Broad match can get you junk traffic, since it matches many possible variations of the keyword and other words in the search phrase. Done well with negative keywords, it can be the best way to jump start your campaign. So, if you were doing seo for “PPC and SEO” and wanted to broad match that, you would need to do negative keywords for “tutorial” “how to” “books” “articles” “strategies” etc… would filter searches with these terms included.

How Much Does Adwords Management Cost?

We typically manage adwords on a monthly budget. The minimum monthly budget is $300 a month, at $75 an hour.

PPC Landing Pages

In PPC and SEO, where traffic is based on searching and keywords, companies must develop landing pages to address their clients needs and discuss their specific product or service. For instance, if you are a bankruptcy lawyer in Mesa, you would need a landing page such as example.com/mesa-bankruptcy-lawyer. Now, you might find yourself bidding way too much for those basic keywords, so you need to look at the long tails. Lets say you target “affordable lawyers mesa for bankruptcy” – then you will need to have a section within your landing page addressing that, or even a separate landing page if the volume justifies it or if your quality score is sticking.

Calls To Action

All landing pages must have calls to actions. These are instructions to the user on how to obtain the object of their search, whether it be a service or product checkout or phone call. We must make it prominent and easy to find, PPC depends on having the ability to convert. The calls to action also do best when they are specific to the landing page, so instead of “call today” if you were a marketing PPC services, you might say “Free PPC Analysis” and “Speak With A PPC Expert” or similar terms.

Pages For Every Keyword

With PPC, pages do not have to be visible to the search engines. So you can create more pages than would be wise for SEO, and you can duplicate content on these pages since they are no indexed, merely changing keywords and calls to action. This also applies to localities, for instance, if you are a dentist or plumber, you could fund your whole business if you were dominant enough in a few zip codes around you, so tailoring landing pages to neighborhoods and cities near you can be good idea.

Trust Builders Needed

Reviews excerpted from third party review sites like Google, Yelp, BBB, including numbers of reviews, star ratings, badges from local directories, chamber of commerce badges, links for terms of service and privacy, SSL, a badge for SSL, unique and real pictures of people and equipment, virtual tours, pictures of customers, high quality design, fast load times, good user interface, good grammar and spelling, branding for the company selling, both on the landing page and across the web.

Trust Builders Needed

Reviews excerpted from third party review sites like Google, Yelp, BBB, including numbers of reviews, star ratings, badges from local directories, chamber of commerce badges, links for terms of service and privacy, SSL, a badge for SSL, unique and real pictures of people and equipment, virtual tours, pictures of customers, high quality design, fast load times, good user interface, good grammar and spelling, branding for the company selling, both on the landing page and across the web.

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Optimizing New & Existing Adwords Campaigns

Have you checked search queries and applied negative keywords? Have you adjusted bids for devices? Have you used analytics to track underperforming pages? Have you paused your under performing ads? Have you removed your low search volume keywords? Have you set a bid schedule that works? Do you have too many keywords? Not enough ad groups?

Have all your ad extensions been done, your callouts and sitelinks tailored for each ad group, your reviews extension enabled and approved, is click to call serving? Are your maps extensions enabled and getting clicks? Are you utilizing video adwords? Are you utilizing remarketing?

These and many more questions exist when approaching SEO for new and existing clients. By utilizing all that Adwords has to offer, you will be able to stay ahead of your competition who is less technically inclined.

Ad Extensions

There are many ad extensions, including sitelinks, callouts, phone call, reviews, SMS message, price, apps and more. See a list here at Adwords support.

Enabling ad extension typically does not cost anything additionally, and can greatly increase click through. Click through is a key determinant of quality score, so in essence having your extensions enabled can lower your costs by increasing your quality score.

Ad extensions can be tailored for every ad group, so it is rare to see a large PPC campaign that has taken full advantage of all their extensions. This can make the difference between a campaign that underperforms and one that really converts highly and has great ROI.

Good Keyword Decisions

A common scenario for clients is to go after too many keywords at first, or too many non converting keywords. For instance, if I were to bid on the keyword “web design” by itself, that is not the best, as it will also be searched by a lot of people not looking for my service, just doing research.

All campaigns have better and worse converting keywords, so you need to understand what is converting, and how much those conversions cost. Once you have a good cost per conversion, then you can expand your budget in those areas. But if you do not understand you cost per conversion, only your cost per click, then you will not be able to appropriately make those decisions.

Schedule, Device, Location

Why pay the same for every device? For instance, many b to b purchases occur on desktop. On the other hand, food and services PPC may be more effective with mobile users.

Locations have different values. You might need an affluent demographic to purchase a high end product, so targeting your ads by zip code is a must. You also get a boost near any location in which you have a verified office.

Schedule can be really important. Are you paying for calls when no one is answering your phone? Do your clients purchase your product during work hours, or during home hours? Do you pay the same for late night surf-a-holics as you do for normal daytime browsers?

Adwords Campaigns Designed For Every Device

From optimizing your website for mobile and tablet to bidding on the devices your clients use to buy.

Pay Per CLick And Other Paid Advertising Options

My Favorite Web Designs offers pay per click advertising and other paid marketing options for their Gilbert web design clients. There is a vast technology that encompasses pay per click and we strive to assist our clients and understanding their options and maximizing their budgets when paying for visits to their website.

Lets talk about how PPC operates. Most systems allow you to pay for impressions, or for visits. To determine the cost of each click, companies use their own algorithm to asses costs. The typical model uses an auction system for each keyword. Example: Summer hits, temperatures go above 100 degrees. All the AC contractors in town activate their PPC campaigns simultaneously, and costs begin to spiral up and up as the contractors jack the price up on each other by bidding more and more for the keywords which pay them back the best. In this way, the profit margins are diminished in PPC as new areas are exploited and bids go up.

There is law of diminishing returns from being in the same paid advertising space as too many other people. When there exists extra profit in places like Google PPC, where there are more paid advertisers than all the other networks combined, then much of the low hanging fruit is gone. So where to go for the extra normal profits every business owner craves? Into the new, less explored advertising territories, where high ROI still lurks waiting to be discovered.

How To Make Money From PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising, such as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other valuable social media sites, is much more than simply entering keywords and Ads, and a valuable addition to any AZ SEO campaign. Here are some of the techniques smart hardworking admen can bring to the table.

You Need Great Landing Pages And A Solid Website

At the end of the day, all that PPC is doing is to bring targeted traffic to your website. It is still very much incumbent upon each company to have a web presence compelling enough to establish brand trust and generate conversions.

Drill Down Your Keywords And Content

Google asses a quality score for every PPC ad, comprised of the relevance of the Ad to the keyword, the relevance of the content to the keyword, and bid amount. This is done to improve the relevance of the ads for the individual users. For example, perhaps someone is looking for a bankruptcy lawyer who specializes in tax issues. They would be best served by arriving at a page discussing both of these things, and not just one or the other. So, you will needs lots of very specific ads paired with very specific landing pages.

Only Use Keywords With An ROI

It seems simple, but there are a ton of businesses out there who are paying more per conversion than the product or service could possibly generate. Only use adwords on services that can pay back the ad budget, and keep an eye on the cost of conversion, especially for high competition or high dollar bid keywords.

Pick And Choose Keywords

“It is OK to have more money on less keywords, if those words are all proven performers.”

Look for keywords that are costing money but not converting to sales. A good example might be a real estate agent, who bids on the keyword “homes for sales 85207” – this keyword might draw so many window shoppers that it is not a viable keyword for the paid mix, and you might find yourself paying close to the same as “real estate agent 85207” which as keywords go is much more likely to conclude in a sale to a customer who is ready to buy. It is OK to have more money on less keywords, if those words are all proven performers.

AZ Web Design & PPC

It is important to have a company that can handle your pay per click as well as your web design. PPC ties into site design, from landing pages, A/B testing and conversion optimization, to creation of clean user interfaces that are easy for clients to use. Your company’s first impression on clients is tied to your design, it is the most important aspect of converting a sale, and having a professional arizona web designer is an advantage to any business that intends to gain new customers through traffic to their website.

Some Useful PPC Links:
1. Google Adwords – https://www.google.com/adwords/
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay_per_click
3. Bing PPC – http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/home