This website was designed and developed for a health supplement company who was looking to increase their conversion rate. The website was originally built on the Thesis WordPress theme. This aspect of the web design was tricky, as Thesis require you add content via custom hooks, delete no content, and achieve all styling with CSS overrides. While CSS makes many aspects of website design and development quite simple, it is much more complicated in an override system. In order for the override to take effect, the exact instance of the html selector must be called, which can be very tricky.

This was also a great project because it involved a remodel of an existing site, without any changing of the content. Many website are made more complicated by using non-standard classes and id’s to style output, instead of building a cross browser compliant website design, seamlessly integrated into a theme which can then be upgraded and updated. It also retain 100% of the original search engine optimization advantages for which the Thesis theme is renowned.

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