Custom Website Designed And Developed On The WordPress Plaftom For Arizona Roof Rescue

This website was designed and developed for Arizona Roof Rescue by My Favorite Web Designs of Mesa, AZ. We created the graphics from scratch in Adobe Photoshop, and then sent the customer the proof for approval, at which point we built it out on the WordPress platform, using CSS, HTML, PHP and a little bit of Javascript.

Advantages Of The WordPress Website Platform

Easy Upgrades

The WordPress plugin system is a sweet time saver. Programs which normally would take many hours to install can be set up in just a few minutes. Applications like SEO tools, E-commerce and even complex systems, such as ticket management or events booking apps are easily installed and uninstalled by webmasters or even end users.

Awesome Search Advantages

The search advantages of a WordPress system designed by My Favorite Web Designs is huge. We consider SEO in everything, and use only the most sensible design elements. For instance, there are hundreds of slideshows on the market, but only a handful that meet the optimization criteria adequately.

Content Management

The editing system of a WordPress website means contents of the website can be altered by anybody with the correct login. In fact, there are many levels of users, so you can have people who simply contribute, or people who simply comment, whatever you wish. This means you can have employees make updates right away, it empowers the user.

Of course, even with a good website design and a solid CMS, there are plenty of times when you may want to have a web designer professionally design a page. Now you can grant limited access to contractors, so they cannot do damage by accident, to other parts of you site. There is even a database feature that saves the previous versions of any page, so every copy ever published is available to be restored, in the event of accidental deletion or overwriting.

Arizona Roof Rescue Website Design Features

This WordPress Design features components such as a customized contact form 7 sidebar quick quote form, Nextgen gallery pictures for the gallery page, set up for perfect optimization. It also has a front page slider which is content managed by the Gallery plugin, and custom artwork for the slides which are in the slider. Lastly, I am formatting his business info with microdata, and we will add an Hcard for the final My Favorite Web Designs search engine optimization boost.