URGENT UPDATE!!! ATTENTION WORDPRESS 3.5 USERS AND POTENTIAL USERS – WP 3.5 Does not break the redirection plugin!

Did you see this???

Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in

Evidently, redirection must be using it, it seems to have affected that plugin, so if your site is dependent on that, verify this when upgrading.

There are some who are claiming this has no effect on anything, and I am here confirming it, see:

I actually did freak out, write an entire post about how everyone on the internet was wrong except for me, at which point I noticed the URL I had based that assumption on had a typo. Fortunately, I had not published this yet, so I was able to change it to a post about how right they were!!! LOL?

So, big props to the authors who called it, and within 24 hours of release, you guys are cool, here is some credit for that:


and even more for the people with the fixes, again in the first 24 hours of release! Very Cool!


WordPress Upgrades To Version 3.5, The Pros And The Cons Of Upgrading

First let me begin by saying: THANK YOU WORDPRESS TEAM! As a member of the WP community, I make my living off of wordpress, and I appreciate the hard work from development team. In many ways, since WP is open source, and the monetization is somewhat less than it could be relative to it user base, it has evolved in a much better way than much of today’s bloatware, where decisions on features are made by marketing boards instead of programmers and designers.

Now, onto the review!

What Is New In 3.5? (Nicknamed Elvin)

The WordPress Media Library

In the core itself, the media library got a very nice overhaul, somewhat in functionality but mostly in the UI for creating Galleries and managing images, which is welcome. Some have speculated that the extension of the Gallery functions could mean the demise of the Nextgen Gallery plugin, one of the oldest, most used and well developed plugin out there for wordpress today. (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/)

I personally disagree, I find Nextgen to be so far advanced beyond any other gallery management software. Its not just that the plugin can do everything for manging galleries, it is more about the fact that it is so nicely integrated with so many other plugins, for things such as geotagging, slideshows and animations, seo functions and other advanced features that if they were all integrated into WP would bloat it. Will photocrati, the new owners of Nextgen, be able to maintain the fantastic development track? Time will tell.

A Few Optimized Database Queries

Honestly, the fact that the queries save some minute amount of processing power matter not at all to me, but when you take a platform running on over 500 million active sites, and make it a little faster, you probably end up like saving a forest or something, or just making the internet slightly faster, so that is probably cool.

The Best Part Of 3.5 – The New 2012 Theme!

OMG… my heart is pounding… yes!!!!! I remember the elation I felt diving into the 2010 theme when it was released. The pure admiration for the simplicity, the flow, the set up of the functions and sidebars, terrific! I basically learned most of my CSS best practices from that style sheet. Then came the 2011 theme, which honestly was not my cup of tea. It was somewhat responsive, but mostly just like 2010 with more bloat.

2012 – The Best Damn WordPress Theme Ever Built

All of our websites will be based on this fantastic them from hence forth. The marvelous built in responsive design is amazing, and an example to be emulated. The theme itself is clean easy to customize, it should be no problem to make into fantastic custom themes for clients after client. If you did not spend/waste the time on 2011, then do it now for 2012, totally worth it.

Should I Upgrade To WordPress 3.5 Right Away?

Probably not. I never upgrade client sites right away, till I have tested the software. And realize the wordpress software will likely not be the issue, the issue will come from a plugin that is not compatible. I like to give new releases 2 weeks, then I Google known bugs and go for it on my personal sites if it is looking stable, then onto the upgrades for the My Favorite Web Designs Search Engine Optimization and current web design clients for My Favorite Web Deigns.

Many of us will be fine upgrading – but for the few who will not, it could be a big deal, know before you upgrade, and backup your files and DB!

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