WordPress Website Design For Malibu Pool Service And Supply Company

Malibu Pool Service AZ WordPress Webdesign

This website was built in the same manner as many of my sites, with a few unique design tweaks. As My Favorite Web Designs was also hired to do search engine optimization for this site, I was able to incorporate my keyword choices into my CSS selectors and make sure we had no overlap in the site structure, set up analytics and webmaster tools, 404 monitoring and some other nifty WordPress capabilities we have used to great effect for our customers. I also did an almost pure CSS design, with the exception of the background.

The site is cross browser compatible and tested in IE, FF and Chrome. (did you know Chrome is the #1 browser now? Check it out at http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp)

It is also hosted on our servers, which are optimized for WordPress websites. We run a secure, PCI compliant virtual private server, hardware admin by hostgator.

Malibu now has a professional website which can be easily expanded and is in the process of being optimized for search. It is blog ready, and can be customized any number of ways. It integrates picture gallery management and many types of search engine optimization provided by My Favorite Web Designs, all in all a pretty terrific start to a small business website design by My Favorite Web Designs.