Website Design And SEO Project For PI In Scottsdale AZ

This Scottsdale Arizona private detective needed a website company that could compete in the search engine rankings. I redid his current site with SEO in mind, added a content management system, and formed a proper hierarchy for the url structure. I also did an external linking campaign, spanning 4 months. I did directories, custom links, blogs, articles, deep linking and a link wheel.

The website is currently #3 for “Arizona Private Investigator” #4 for “Arizona Private Detective”, as well as ranking in Scottsdale and surrounding areas.

Website designed and optimized for search engines for a client in Scottsdale Arizona

Update As Of October 2015

This client ended up semi retiring, and has been doing occasional PI work but not investing heavily into his SEO at this point. Despite not doing search engine optimization work for almost a year, his rankings and traffic remain strong, and this client gets all the business he needs to stay busy. There were many reasons why SEO was so successful here:

1. The site was an older site, and the age of the domain helped with rankings.
2. We were given a free hand with content, and many of the landing pages on his site are super niche, very specific.
3. We have videos on this client’s site
4. This client retains strong maps rankings as well.
5. The blog posts we did for this client remain as attractive today as the day we did them, good content on the blog, evergreen and interesting.

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