Arizona WordPress Designer

Custom WordPress Sites Provide SEO Advantages

Converting A Website To WordPress For SEO Benefit

As an Arizona WordPress Designer, I often run into situations where a site can be optimized in HTML, but if we are doing an ongoing SEO campaign, the cost benefit of running on a WordPress core increases dramatically. WordPressing a site is not hard, and can often be done as part of a website redesign.

The original design elements were left over from another website designer. I simply cleaned it up, big time. I replaced the bulky javascript that was running the slider menu with nice clean Jquery, I redid the table layout as clean CSS, I proportioned everything. I also put the site onto a WordPress platform, which was a great move. Since we also do the SEO for Veritas Associates LLC, creating a super SEO friendly web design like this was a good move. It paid off well, just search Google for an Arizona Private Investigator, he has been top 5 for a year, #3 right now and closing in on that #1 spot. He is also one of many that I have done and promoted with top AZ spots as an Arizona WordPress Design pro.

When designing a WordPress website, there are many tools to use for different elements. Sidebars can be hard coded, widgetized, dynamic, static, use default template commands, whatever. A really good template blends these elements together seamlessly, and provides for good SEO, which this WordPress Web Design does.

Advantages Of WordPress Content Management Systems

Conquering SEO With Intelligent, Custom CMS

Many people do not understand the need for a good content managed website. You may think, as I once did, I can simply manage my content with dreamweaver, or even notepad if you like to hand code your websites soup to nuts (I Do). Well, this is true. So why does WordPress provide an advantage?

Why Does A WordPress Site Really Make Matter?

Advantages Of WordPress

Every Arizona business could benefit from a WordPress website design. The benefits are many:

  • Manage all pages of the site in a super easy tree like structure
  • Manage all URLS for all pages in one place, with easy redirecting for changes
  • Add capabilities such as live chat, forums, analytics and more with an easy plugin system that anyone can learn in under 5 minutes
  • Manage all titles, meta tags, and other SEO characteristics from a master list inside the WordPress administration panel.
  • Fantastic Gallery for managing your website’s images