Adrianna’s Cleaning Service

This Mesa cleaning business needed a website that showcased their commitment to their service and inspired confidence in their customers. It needed to have a feminine design, and be well suited for galleries, so that it could be configured to display pictures from the many AZ clients they service.

Internet marketing was also a concern. The website had to be search friendly and able to be easily expanded when needed. This means a content management system is needed, and there is no finer CMS on all the web than WordPress.

The site design created by My Favorite Web Designs uses elements of pink and blue, and has prominent contact forms and easy to read navigation, broken into two level. Many web designs use different types of navigation, including vertical, horizontal, two level, visual, etc… This website uses a split level nav, which is increasingly popular. this places all the about links smaller on the top right, and the service links large and right in the middle.

Anyway, The client was thrilled with her site, and it looks great, a terrific project to have been involved!