Cadiente Plumbing Website Project

Service industry professionals need websites that are able to accommodate their new projects and showcase their new offerings. WordPress is an ideal medium to design such a site, as it has terrific SEO properties and lends itself extremely well to a search optimization program designed by My Favorite Web Designs.

The cost of development on WordPress sites is also much easier to bear than the overwhelming cost associated with some of the less friendly technologies, such as ASP and PHP.

This site also uses a lot of custom graphics, and the logo design was also done by My Favorite Web Design’s owner Joshua Jacoby. It also has videos produced for the site and discussing some of the key services, another boost for search engines.

Lastly, we use WP Super Cache and Better WP Security on all our sites, which I would highly recommend to anyone running a VPS or concerned with consistent site speed. The security plugin actually is 100% as useful as Super Cache, since it blocks attackers from using your site’s resources during probing attacks, which actually accounts for a lot of the site slowdown on the internet.

Great site, great working with Brett Cadiente, looking forward to plenty more collaboration and internet marketing work in the future.