Designing and Crafting A Site For A Craftsman

Ted Miller is not your ordinary pool builder. He has been doing high end custom reflecting pools and negative edge pools for over a decade, and some of his work adorns the highest end home in Arizona. Likewise, he needed a website designer that could put together a site that he could:

  • Manage the images on the site
  • Manage the text on the website
  • Not have to worry about hacking
  • have automatic updates and backups

Anyone who knows my business can guess what I recommended for a website platform. You guessed it, WP to the rescue! As usual, I discussed the design before hand with Ted, he showed me some of what he liked graphically, I made a few recommendations, and I got to work on the graphics.

Ted’s site was unique in that he did not need SEO, his business is primarily word of mouth. Of course, we set all clients up with search engine friendly sites regardless of their requirements, it is simply built into the way in which I code things. This will be useful, as should this business later decide to move forward with Search Engine Optimization they will be prepared.

What is an example of a site that is not coded for SEO?

This would be themes or templates that do not allow plugins to function, or interfere with the function of the plugin. It would be any design or website layed out with tables instead of clean modern CSS. It would be any site that had been built so as to be very difficult to use on mobile devices. It could also include website coding that utilizes flash components, or has javascript integral to the navigation or usage of the website, as many computers may have javascript and jquery blocked, or plugin updates can interfere with jquery or javascripting functionalities.

In closing, is a great website, built on the WordPress system as a custom theme. Having a site built to spec is perfect for any company seeking strong brand identity, and for that reason we also did business cards for Mr. Miller.

Josh Jacoby - Mesa Web DesignerWritten By: Joshua Jacoby

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