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Photography Is Important To Website Design

Website design can be done very, very well, and the marketing people can be the most creative in the world, but they need good imagery to make a truly beautiful website. While stock photos do provide fodder for much of the photographic needs, having a person shoot your business onsite can really help you create a site that looks personalized and honest, and engenders trust from customers. As a website designer, I often find I need better photos, so I decided to make sure I was the best website designer in Mesa, I better have a way of capturing truly terrific photos of the businesses and communities I work with.

Photos are important to SEO in Mesa as well. Every page on your website, to be shareable, needs an image. Moreover, a good image helps users to engage with your content, and can increase reader retention and comprehension. If you want your website to be optimized for search engines, you will need images for each page, and Google can tell optimized images from ones which are blurry, copied or low quality.

Arizona Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs

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Arizona Photography Services by My Favorite Web Designs

Joshua Jacoby of My Favorite Web Designs:

My Favorite Web Designs also offers photography. Photography is very necessary for any online marketing program because it helps to illustrate the points being made in blog posts and other content. In fact, the photography that goes with blog posts can often have a greater emotional impact on the reader than the text itself. So, we recommend high quality photos for every business that we work with. We use a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera to shoot our photos and we shoot our photos in RAW format so that we’re able to adjust them and get the perfect lighting and exposure levels in our digital dark room.”

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