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logo for seo web design for dentist aesthetic dentistry of arrowhead

Dr Greg Ceyhan is an dentist in Glendale AZ, in the Arrowhead area. We have worked with Dr Ceyhan for some time, and we discovered something interesting about his prior website. It turned out the company he was with had a template they gave to many different dentists, and this was causing significant duplicate content issues on his website. During the redesign, we were also able to clean up his navigation, and add better calls to action and landing page design. We used the Avada theme for WordPress, which meant using the fusion builder, one of the best visual design plugins out there. 

seo web design for dentist aesthetic dentistry of arrowhead

Duplicate content is not well understood, here are some quick guidelines:

  • Videos and images can be duplicated across domains, if they spec it in their license. Almost all youtube videos have been approved by their owners for embedding in third party websites, and this applies to pretty much anything which can be “embedded”
  • Content can be duplicated in part on the site, anywhere, but the duplicated portions do not count toward the word count on the page – so there need to be enough content that if the duplicate content was not there, the page without it would still not be thin content:
  • Duplicating full pages can mean the original page may not rank – in this instance, the original page usually canonicals to the larger page where it is included. 
  • Content cannot be duplicated across domains if linking back to source, and do not duplicate large blocks of content, just snippets. Duplicating entire pages is considered stealing, and can only be done if the page it is put on is placed on noindex. A failure to do so could results in penalties for your whole domain, particularly if you run into DMCA issues. 

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