Website Design For A Contractor In Arizona Selling Products Nationally

woodland custom beam company

This website is one of my favorite websites period I actually helped start this company many years ago when I was working for a framing contractor in Cave Creek period I built the original website and did some very DIY SEO on it comma which Circa 2008 worked quite well. The owner and I collaborated on everything from the product images to the pricing calculator and the layout of the landing pages.

box beams website design and seo

This website is an e-commerce website. While the main product that the owner sells needs to be quoted on a case-by-case basis, the company also sells samples of its beam products online. These samples give clients the knowledge they need to order large quantities of the beams for their remodels and new build projects.

This website has a lot of Legacy SEO done on it when I came to remake it this last time around. In addition to designing it so that the best keywords were most prominent and encouraging conversion through the navigation and call to action elements comma I also took a deep dive on the search engine optimization going into all the crawl errors on webmaster tools and correcting the root causes as well as auditing all the thin content on the site and doing a very thorough disavow on old junky links.

Some of the products had Pages which were encouraging exits from the site because they were thin content Pages such as category pages and tag pages. By removing these traps from the navigational structure and search engine index I was able to create a more efficient flow through the site, which is been rewarded by Google in the form of higher rankings and traffic.

Some of the other things that your designer must think about when building an e-commerce site how the customer will come to the site and how they will exit the site. For this reason a lot of the lending Pages were as important or more important than the home page. For instance this contractor often had people searching for Cedar ceiling beams. That means that they arrived on his site through the cedar page and often never want to the homepage. Fortunately we had our trust Builders repeated throughout the site and a good flow for checkout implemented into the navigation making it easy for visitors to come in to the site wherever they choose and still end up getting what they need and being able to convert without ever having to go to the homepage.

We also have to be somewhat more security conscious and speed conscience on eCommerce sites. The shopping cart itself brings a bit of JavaScript into the equation and the security issues with having too many third-party applications running in tandem with your check out software


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