Woodland Custom Beam Company

Woodland custom beam company required an AZ website design that allowed them to prominently showcase their product, educate the consumer on what the product was and how it was made, and allow the consumer to purchase a sample of the product at the end. Because it required a purchase of the website visitors, the nature of this website is essentially an e-commerce website. It is not exactly like all other e-commerce websites because all that is ordered online is the sample. If the client likes the sample the order for the job is submitted through contact with the owner of the business and not through the online store.

The store needed to be able to show the many different products, explain the details of those products and allow visitors to easily purchase their samples of those products, while understanding that they were purchasing samples and not in fact purchasing entire beams for their home.

This is often the job of the site designer, to analyze the purpose of the site and recommend a user interface that leads to the person performing some action were purchasing some product. If we get lost in that purpose we can often find ourselves with designs that incorporate far more information than your visitor wants, resulting in a cluttered user interface that is difficult to navigate and repulsive to clients who are looking to quickly move towards conversion.

Search engine optimization was also a huge consideration for this website. Their product was very squarely in a specialized niche, and the potential for sales online was pretty significant. Because their product was hard to find and specialized, the bulk of that type of home decor was searched for and purchased online.

We created a search engine friendly e-commerce store that very successfully accomplished the objectives of the website and has been supplying the owners of the Woodland custom beam company with a stream of new customers for many years.