The Bridge Church in Gilbert Arizona

This was the Chandler Arizona Baptist Church that needed a website designed to showcase their church and the work that they do in the community. It was a simple WordPress site, with a few special grouches.

It used a query slideshow across the main banner as well as a page dedicated to their podcasts. The site used color that were requested during a one on one sit down design meet with the church. It Ellis the wordless nay stem as do many of my sites, and it was turned over to the church to content manage upon the completion of the website.

One great advantage of working with my favorite web designs is that we help you to learn and and manage the wordpress system we set up for you. I personally spend time with clients at every meet going over how to use the controls on the back end of the site.

That is, after all, one of the greatest things about the wordpress content management system. There is universally available support for learning any aspect of the wordpress system. You can find videos on how to do everything from the basics to the most advanced tasks. There are hundreds of forums, thousands of tutorials and a vibrant driving community of WordPress lovers running their web sites exclusively on that platform.

If you need a website designed for your Chandler Arizona business, My Favorite Web Designs is an excellent option for site optimized for search, created with mobile in mind and perfect for conveying your brands message in the way that you want your brand represented.