Mesa Arizona Business Launches WordPress Website Design

Website Designed For A For Fire Protection Company Using Custom WordPress CMS

Arizona Website Designer Joshua Jacoby Presents Allied Fire Co

Website built for a Fire Protection Contractor in east Mesa, Arizona. This website uses a custom wordpress theme for content management, and has original graphic design by Joshua Jacoby of My Favorite Web Designs. The web design also features a front page slideshow, as well as custom wordpress contact forms designed using html, CSS and PHP.

Owner Jim Schueller recently told me they had received many compliments on the Mesa Arizona website design, and the custom contact form was generating leads for them as well. They have gone on to participate in our monthly search engine marketing program with very great success.

Using WordPress Contact Forms To Make Your Site Convert

Worpress has several different options for contact forms. There is the premium wordpress plugin, gravity forms, which has a a good reputation, and is supposedly quite extensible, though I have yet to work with it.

There is also one of the best contact form plugins available for any content managed website anywhere. It is WordPress Contact Forms 7. One of my specialties is designing custom contact forms using WPCF7. This allows us to place contact forms in inventive places on the website, and in customized CSS layouts, so we are able to attract viewers to the form.

You can also hook up a Database to a contact form with the WPCF7 DB plugin. This plugin also allows you to export data to spreadsheet. You can then do things like test 3 different form placements, and use the excel sheet to tablulate monthly results, picking the best one. You can intelligently dial in your website conversion metrics.

One Last Word On Making The WordPress Contact Form Sell

Successful WordPress Web Designing Tips

Be sure to have your form fields not all be required. This makes a submit harder, and denies you data. Do not use a Captcha unless absolutely vitally necessary, it will also lower conversion. Use watermarks to help label fields – this is visually concise, from a design standpoint.