WPEC wordpress e-commerce bug found and fixed

So, I needed to import 2300 products to the cart. No surprise, the packaged importer just kept saying setting saved, but never actually imported anything. So, I went and purchased the deluxe product importer from Visser labs, I like them, Good community minded developers. The deluxe importer also failed, so

I checked my format, and determined that minimally to import products I would need the Product Name, SKU, Price (cannot be 0 dollars), and the category. No products may be imported with a blank field, and blank fields seem to make the entire upload fail, so plan on having a fully filled spreadsheet with no 0 values, at least for these essential fields.

After importing, I got the dreaded white screen of death.I tried a bunch of stuff before I figured it out – here is how I resolved wordpress e-commerce giving a blank screen on all pages and products:

  • Refreshed Permalinks over and over, tried changing back to default or month/day, no luck, tried deleting products and re-imported them with the permalinks now already reset – no luck.
  • I tried adjusting the store settings, so it was only showing one category at a time. I had imported 3 categories – 2 were small with 5-10 products, and when I had it set to display just these, it did work, but still the category page for my main category would not display.
  • The solution to the white blank wpec wordpress e-commerce screen, for me, was to set the pagination to only show x amount of products per page. This can be found at the bottom of the presentation settings page, second to last thing on the page. This did the trick, all normal settings now work.

WPEC may not be perfect, but it is getting better quick. For the haters out there, please continue hating, I love having less competition in SEO, which a good WPEC and well optimized WP site can blow other sites out of the water, violently.

Update September 30, 2015

E-commerce by Woocommerce Now recommended

WP E-commerce was good for SEO, and pretty nifty in its time, but the development track taken by the team at get shopped has been rocky at best, and in the interim Woocommerce has really matured into robust full featured e-commerce software, perfect for anyone looks for an AZ E-commerce web designer.

WP E-commerce replaced as the ecommerce platform of choice by Woocommerce

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