Why Is WordPress So Awesome?

Why Is Wordpress So Awesome?

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Joshua Jacoby, WordPress Web Designer: My Favorite Web Designs is a Mesa Arizona Web Design and Mesa Search Engine Optimization company.

Wordpress Website DashboardWe specialize in WordPress because it’s the most awesome platform there is. If there was a better platform, we would specialize in that. But there’s not, it’s WordPress. A lot of people ask me “Why is WordPress so awesome?” Well, it has humongous search engine optimization advantages. And in fact, there’s even an interview with Google’s Matt Cutts from 2007 where he references the clear and distinct advantages of WordPress in search engine optimization. And the advantage isn’t that WordPress can do something that other sites cannot. The advantage is that it automates these very, very time consuming processes.

And so, we specialize in WordPress, because it really rocks for search engine optimization and for people looking to build branded sites with long-term value.”

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