Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO

Microdata and Other Advantages of Designer and Developers in SEO

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Joshua Jacoby, Web Design and SEO: “One of the biggest advantages to My Favorite Web Designs is that we do our own web design and development. I, in fact, am the Phoenix web designer and graphic designer for My Favorite Web Designs. My wife, Laura, is in charge of our search engine optimization program. This is a huge advantage, because many things for search engine optimization at My Favorite Web Designs do require web development. A good example would be microdata and that’s coding websites using schemas.org, a collaborative coding protocol released in 2011 by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to allow standardized interpretation of websites for display in search engine results. We can code that, not many people can do that.

We also have the advantage of being able to set up the website itself for search engine optimization. That being appropriately naming your DIVs, doing your H1, your ALTs and your title tags.

We have many, many onsite optimization things we do. We use breadcrumbs. We use geodata. We use KML files. So definitely having a website designer working on your search engine optimization gives you the ability to utilize different tools that other Phoenix SEO companies will not be able to utilize.”

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